Matteo Renzi Sworn in as Youngest Italian Prime Minister

Matteo Renzi Sworn in as Youngest Italian Prime Minister At thirty-nine years of age, Matteo Renzi became the youngest Italian Prime Minister sworn into office in the entirety of the country’s history, and as a result of his youth, Renzi also became Italy’s most inexperienced Prime Minister. According to Italian sources, Renzi has been known as “il Rottomatore,” or “demolition man,” due to his hot-tempered manner of dealing with politics. As Matteo Renzi was sworn in as the youngest Italian Prime Minister, he was also joined by his brand-new cabinet consisting of sixteen ministrant members. In addition, it has been recognized that the cabinet Renzi has chosen consists of relatively young representatives as well, over half of which are female.

Although it has been reported that Renzi has never actually worked in national government, he gained his prestigious government position as a result of his popularity as mayor of Florence. In addition, Matteo Renzi’s rise to becoming the youngest Italian Prime Minister is the result of the resignation of the former Italian Prime Minister, Enrico Letta. Letta resigned earlier last week as a result of Renzi forcing his rival to step down. This was done by Renzi consistently attacking the former Prime Minister regarding the economic reforms that Renzi felt weren’t being addressed as quickly as they should. In addition, the former Prime Minister was also facing accusations that were signs considered signs of a corrupt and wasteful bureaucracy.

Renzi essentially won this position as a result of his promises to renovate both the education and tax systems along with the job market within the next four months. However, Italian correspondent’s have mentioned that his taking on a unique union in his cabinet makes this an extremely difficult task. Consequently, the success or failure of Renzi will be determined by whether or not the extremly young Italian Prime Minister can stimulate the eurozone’s third greatest economy. With Renzi’s inexperience, ambiguous decisions, and hopeful promises being kept into consideration, he has been considered “the Obama of Italy.”

The swearing into office of the youngest Italian Prime Minister occurred early Saturday morning in the elegantly decorated Roman presidential dwelling, where Renzi accepted his oath into office from President Giorgio Napolitano. Following his oath, Renzi addressed his recently appointed team by stating, “This is a government task in which we will have to begin starting tomorrow morning.” Once the meeting was over Renzi departed for the Palazzo Chigi for his first cabinet meeting in Italy’s Prime Minister Office. It is expected that Renzi and his cabinet official will have to appear before parliament in order to win their vote of confidence before they can officially begin to start their operations.

As a result of Matteo Renzi being sworn in as the youngest Italian Prime Minister, many are left hoping that this is a necessary step in progressing towards the stability of the political system in Italy. Although Italy has seen three different Prime Ministers in the last year, Renzi has announced that he intends on maintaining his position as the Italian Prime Minister for the next four years to come.

By Aaron Weis

The Guardian
The Atlanta Journal Constitution