Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne Make One Smokin’ Hot Couple!


Actress Michelle Rodriguez and British supermodel Cara Delevingne certainly make one smokin’ hot couple! The pair stepped out to a basketball game recently and looked mighty cozy together as they watched the New York Knicks play. They’ve also been spotted around London for the last month, partying at nightclubs, attending concerts, chillaxing at the zoo and having leisurely dinners together. Rodriguez recently confirmed the two are an item when she gave an interview to the UK paper the Daily Mirror.

Tongues began wagging early on in the gossip rags as soon as the pair was spotted together because Rodriguez had already formally come out as bisexual when she gave an interview to Entertainment Weekly magazine last year. In that interview, Rodriguez said she will do what she wants and that she finds both men and women to be “intriguing.” Previous to her confession, however, she had stated that her romantic life would be kept private and that if she wanted to reveal it she would participate in a sex tape.

While the EW interview in 2013 was the first time Rodriguez came out as bisexual; six years ago, she was featured on the cover of Curve, a magazine for the lesbian community. Although she was featured prominently in the magazine, and many people assumed she was gay or bi, she did not reveal her orientation at that time. In fact, she reiterated her stance that she liked men and did not give any indication she was bisexual.

Since coming out as part of the LGBT community last year, Rodriguez has been watched closely in the press. All eyes have been upon her to see what new cutie she would have by her side. Cara Delevingne is a smokin’ hot lady and although she is 15 years Rodriguez’s junior, the couple has been photographed looking as though they are practically soul mates.

At the Knicks game in January, the girls couldn’t keep their hands off each other as they snuggled, kissed and even were snapped smooching passionately. They were also photographed exiting a Prince show after enjoying what seemed like an evening of drinking. Numerous reports stated the girls looked as though they were stumbling around on the street, and Delevingne had her zipper down.

Both of the ladies’ families, it is being reported, are completely accepting of the girls’ relationship and the reaction of their loved ones is described as “not batting an eye” over the sizzling romance. The ladies are due to attend a party at Delevingne’s sister’s home in California later this year.

While the families are supportive of this burgeoning new love, the press has been a little less accepting. Making an issue of the enormous age difference between the girls, some web newspapers and magazines are speculating whether Delevingne and Rodriguez could both be getting more “reckless” with increased drinking and public antics. Since Rodriguez has a history of being put it jail for DUI, the concern is that her new relationship could lead her into a little too much partying.

However, it’s of no concern to Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne, who together make one smokin’ hot couple. These gorgeous girls will surely be in the press a lot in the coming days to grace the public with some beautiful eye candy!

By: Rebecca Savastio


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