Miley Cyrus Cleans Up

Miley Cyrus Cleans Up

Miley Cyrus has gone through a number of transformations, but she cleans up marvelously as a “W” cover girl. While the platinum blonde hair and bleached eyebrows are not new, Cyrus seemed mature and glamorous in her new spread. Her styling emulates Lady Gaga and Donatella Versace, with a pinch of Joan Jett. What’s more exciting is the organic expression on her face. Gone are the light beams of flashing teeth. In addition, Cyrus kept her infamous tongue gesture inside. Miley bares her tattoos and ornaments herself with bangles and rings for the cover. She hugs the white sheet tastefully, without intention to censor or over expose her body. Cyrus’ new photos aid in establishing her as a legitimate adult musician, and offers a nice balance to earlier publicity stunts.

Paired with the photo shoot is a candid interview between Cyrus and Ronan Farrow. Cyrus discusses her personal interests and opinions on modern beauty stigmas. There has been some criticism that Farrow’s recollection of the interview presented bias against Cyrus’s intellect. However, Cyrus’s goals are quite clear for her 21 years of age. She is a self-confessed homebody with an apt awareness of her economic status. She has an odd nostalgia for the age of aquarius and organic cannabis. Cyrus received for her 2013 MTV video music awards (VMA) performance with Robin Thicke, but has hardly unleashed a level public antics on par with Paris Hilton in her early 20s. In fact, Cyrus addressed the public’s critical reception of her performance with great humor when she hosted SNL. During one of the skits, she explained her tongue gesture as the result of “tiny strokes.” Cyrus is quick to take responsibility for her actions and changing identity, whereas peer Justin Bieber struggles to clarify his own personality. However the Cyrus-Bieber lag was explained by Cyrus on a recent visit with Jay Leno, stating her view that boys mature slower than girls.

Cyrus is not a problem child, nor is she trying to be a role model to the tween generation. She has grown into a legitimately edgy and opinionated young woman. She is a firm advocate of unconventional beauty, citing that the standard of Vanna White beauty queens is unnecessary. She believes that beauty can exist in a woman’s sexual confidence or via a carpe diem philosophy (the ability to “rock” as she told Farrow). On top of everything, Cyrus has exhibited a business intelligence that other pop icons have thrived on in the past. Similar to Britney Spears or Madonna, Cyrus has capitalized on the ability to thrive on criticism. In the world of improv, the foundation of artistic creation and performance is the word “yes”. Cyrus continues to entertain the world by being open to its criticism and to saying yes to whatever comes her way. Whether the cameras are on or off, naked honestly is a promising look for the young singer. If she can make it to the age of 27 without a drug addiction or a mental breakdown, she’s have changed the standard. For now, its refreshing to see Cyrus clean up so well.

By Victoria Chuidian



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