Miley Cyrus Prom Proposal Goes Viral Unexpected Conclusion

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An Arizona teen’s prom proposal to pop icon Miley Cyrus went viral this week with an unexpected conclusion. Matt Peterson, a student at Phoenix area Arcadia High School recently invited the twerk-loving Cyrus to his school’s prom. He created a YouTube video for the singer and talked about how he had already met her briefly in the past. First wearing a “Team Miley” t-shirt, and then spoofing Cyrus’ recent Video Music Awards (VMA) performance, he concludes the video by asking her to attend the prom and says that if she is not a fan of slow dancing, she need not worry. He attends a public school and “grinding is allowed.”

Cyrus responded via Twitter that she would be unable to attend his prom. She will be in Europe on her “Bangerz” tour in May. That is not where the story ends for Matt Peterson however. Cyrus goes on to invite Peterson to her upcoming concert in Arizona and “hang with me.” Cyrus will be performing at the US Airways Center in Phoenix on February 27th. Peterson was understandably excited by the prospect and immediately tweeted that he would need to find a “tounge (sic) tuxedo” by the 27th and that this was the best day of his life.

The young Arizona teen has been using his connection to Cyrus to the fullest in recent days. The proposal video on YouTube has reached over 500,000 views as of the publication of this story. Peterson has also given media interviews to several outlets both after the proposal itself went viral and after Cyrus’ response. Described by the Daily Mail as “fame hungry,” Peterson has been on Entertainment Tonight and Ryan Seacrest’s radio show. Regardless of his intent, his prom proposal to Miley Cyrus went viral with an unexpected conclusion.

Cyrus has been a constant presence in the entertainment media in recent months, mostly in association with outlandish behavior such as the aforementioned VMA performance. In this situation however, Cyrus would appear to be gaining attention for a more positive reason. While some media outlets have been less than kind towards Mr. Peterson, Cyrus so far has only seemed to benefit from the attention. ABC News called her response to Peterson “amazing” and implied that Cyrus was not just trying to put off the teen, but that she really would be out of the country on the date of his prom.

Peterson followed his initial reply to Cyrus by stating that he would be in the sixth row on the night of her Arizona concert and waiting with roses. He also promised not to cry when they met this time. Their first meeting was in 2009 when Cyrus was giving an interview at a local Phoenix area radio station. Peterson broke down in tears when meeting the singer at that time.

He may not have expected his prom proposal to Miley Cyrus to go viral, and her response to it may have been unexpected, but for one Arizona teen, it would seem to be a case of “you never know unless you try.”

By Christopher V. Spencer


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