Military Forces From U.S. and China Get Cozy

Military Forces from US and China Get Cozy

Military forces from the United States (U.S.) and China will get cozy with one another after a top U.S. Army officer reportedly met with Beijing military officials who had “common objectives.”

Voice of America reported that the American Army’s Chief of Staff, Gen. Ray Odierno had met with military generals in China. Odierno reportedly pledged more dialogue with the Chinese to meet strategic goals. He testified in front of a congressional House Armed Services committee. According to the article from VOA, Odierno also said the two countries should look at issues facing both of their countries before holding any meetings in private.

The top U.S. Army official said that both the U.S. and China have sophisticated military forces and he hopes to work on issues facing the region and the world. He was esteemed with military honors on his visit to China, and Chinese armed forces leaders also reportedly expressed interest in talks. Lieutenant General Wang Ning made such assertions, according to reports.

The truth can be hard to get at when it comes to international politics and military powers. As VOA further reported, an American diplomat called on China to make clear its position on territory in the South China Sea, where many in the region say China has showed a quite aggressive posture. This would no doubt strain many diplomatic and political relationships for the Americans. So, will military forces from the U.S. and China get as cozy as they would like them to appear, or possibly more, or less? Only time will tell.

Bloomberg Businessweek reported that the U.S. does not recognize the flight zones that China has self-imposed in the areas surrounding the East China Sea islands that have been disputed with a country that has a long and turbulent history with China — Japan.  China has reportedly maintained an aggressive and determined stance on the claim to the territory, but U.S. flights there continue to remind China of its relationship with American military forces. Chinese naval vessels have ventured far into the seas, disputing territories with other countries including Vietnam, Philippines and Malaysia. The Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) may be planning a sort of war with Japan in an attempt to seize territory, if what James Fanell, intelligence and information operations director for U.S. Pacific Fleet, said in San Diego holds any weight.

Forces in China have been expanding as China has reportedly dumped more money that what’s in their official budget into their armed forces. This is information that comes from American officials, reports indicate. Fox News reported that the two sides have cooperated on humanitarian missions and other operations, which has been seen as steps toward building trust with each other. However there is a ways to go.

It was reported that China demands that the Americans file flight plans for their trips over the disputed territory, but the U.S. has opted to ignore such demands. The military forces from the U.S. and China appear to get cozy, but complexities of a global society weigh on the political forces at play constantly.

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