Missing Police Officer From Virginia, Possible Foul Play

missing police officerKevin Quick, a captain with the Waynesboro Auxiliary Police Department, is missing after failing to arrive at a planned birthday party for his younger brother with family and friends on Saturday, authorities say.  The missing police officer from Virginia was last seen on Friday night at his mother’s home and authorities are not ruling out foul play.

Sergeant Brian Edwards said that when Quick never arrived at the party the guests knew that something was horribly wrong and set out to look for him. Edwards also said the family stated that Quick would never just “ditch out” on them. Friends, family and co-workers all say that this is completely out of character for Quick; he is a model “family man.” Edwards said, “Kevin is definitely a family man…and he is a very dutiful son.”

In a remote area sixty miles away from Afton, where Quick was last seen at his mother’s home, authorities found the missing police officer’s 1999 silver Toyota 4Runner parked under a carport. Authorities have linked the vehicle to two suspects and are reaching out to the public for more clues. There is a $22,500 dollar reward for any information that leads to Quick and what has happened to him.

Quick’s family has strong ties to the small town of Waynesboro, only having 21,000 residents, nestled along the Appalachian Mountain range.  Kevin joined the same reserve police program his father had been a member of in 1990 and had climbed the ranks to captain.

On Friday morning Quick went to breakfast at a local restaurant with his mother and that was the last time Quick used his credit card to make any purchases, authorities say.  After breakfast Quick was with friends planning his younger brother’s birthday party, booking the location and making final selections on the entertainment.

After the planning meeting, Quick did text his estranged wife saying he was on his way over. He never arrived and his phone has been shutoff since.

Authorities have traced every possible route that Quick could have taken, along with air and ground searches and still have found no clues to Quick’s location. Albeit, they were able to track the missing police officer’s vehicle to two spots in Virginia: late Friday night, in Fork Union, and again on Saturday, during the brother’s party, the vehicle was spotted 90 miles away from Fork Union in the city of Manassas.

Photo released by the police of the suspect in Kevin Quick’s disappearance.

The authorities have released images of one of the two men believed to be in connection with the missing police officer’s vehicle to the public in a hope that someone will recognize them. However, one suspect seems to be wary of his identity being reveled and has covered most of his face with the hood of his sweatshirt. Authorities are not ruling out foul play at this time.

Which begs the question: what happened to Captain Quick?

Police do not believe that Quick has ran away, since family and friends state that he would never just run out on them; plus, his reputation as a reserve police officer is outstanding. However, since the investigation is ongoing, police are not revealing too much information or their leads.  Edwards does say that detectives had determined the person who found Quick’s vehicle has no ties to the case and was just in the right place and the right time to spot the 4Runner.

This incident has put quite the strain on the community as citizens wonder how the police can protect them if they can’t protect themselves.  A resident of Mineral, where the missing police officer’s vehicle was discovered, told CNN, “If they (the police) can’t even keep themselves safe, what are we supposed to do? I am going to have to lock my doors at night when I thought I lived in the country and didn’t have to do that.”

The community is reaching out to the Quick family in support with words of encouragement and prayers, both in person and on line.

If you have any information about the location of the missing Virginian police officer Kevin Quick please contact the Virginia State Police.  Contact information is provided below in the source links.

By Adam Stier



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