Morrissey Will Perform With Veteran Rockers in US

MorrisseyMorrissey will perform on stage with veteran rockers Sir Tom Jones and Sir Cliff Richard in two United States (US) concerts. The outspoken former-Smiths front man will perform with Jones in Los Angeles in May followed by a performance with Richard in New York in June.

Although Jones is a global star, Richard is relatively unknown in the US. After he burst onto the scene in the 1950s, when he was dubbed the “British Elvis,” he found it hard to crack the US market. His goal was made more difficult to achieve when the British invasion of America, most notably The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, made inroads across the Atlantic before he could. His star may yet again be in the ascendancy after Morrissey said he will perform on stage with veteran rockers Sir Tom Jones and Sir Cliff Richard in two US concerts.

Nevertheless, Richard did have two top 10 songs in the US – Devil Woman and We Don’t Talk Any More. His song Wired for Sound is another familiar track in the US. He also sang Suddenly with Australian Olivia Newton John, who is famous in the US for her portrayal of Sandy in the film version of musical Grease. However, Richard was unable to build on his success in the US so he chose to build on his ever-growing popularity with older females, something many critics said stopped the industry from taking him seriously. Last year he released is 100th album, which means he has made some 3,000 records since he started in 1958. Ironically, Richard said he had to Google Morrissey’s hits because he did not know what they were.

Jones, in contrast, had less of a clean-cut image when he was at his peak. He often talked about his womanizing and his close friendship with contemporaries like Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra. The Welshman, known affectionately as “the Beast of Pontypridd” is a regular face on UK television on Saturday nights, where he sits as a judge and mentor on BBC1 talent show The Voice. Other judges include US performer and producer, concerts will be part of Mancunian Morrissey’s 25-date visit to the US. In, 2013 he was unable to go ahead with his scheduled 22 dates because he became ill. His decision to play with Jones and Richard marks the first time he has worked with a star form the 60s.

When he was with The Smiths, however, he sung a duet with Sandie Shaw on the song Hand in Glove. The Smiths formed in 1982 and disbanded in 1987. Many critics claim The Smiths to be the most important alternative rock band to come out of the UK in the 80s. People were attracted to Morrisey as a wordsmith and his sense of humor.

He is renowned for being a recluse, spending most of his live living in the US. He famously said he hated England, the land of his birth, mainly because of the political situation. Now Morrissey is ready to let the world see him again. The ex-Smiths man will perform on stage with veteran rockers Sir Tom Jones and Sir Cliff Richard in two US concerts this summer

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