Moscow School Shooting Started by Straight-A Student


An unprecedented school shooting took place in Moscow on Monday when a straight-A student started fire in school number 263 and then held about 20 pupils hostage in a classroom. The boy was disarmed and detained less than two hours after the shooting. The negotiations with the student were helped by his father, but the incident resulted in the death of a teacher and a police officer.

The school shooting in Moscow happened days before Russia kicks off the Winter Olympics, but the unfortunate event started by a straight-A student was quickly solved by the police, called by a security guard who raised the alarm. The school was surrounded by police officers, a helicopter and over six ambulances that responded promptly when the alarm went off.

The student came at school with two rifles, both registered to his father and fired at least 11 shots, news agency RIA reports.

Vladimir Markin, Investigative Committee spokesperson told the press that teenage student Sergei Gordeyev killed a geography teacher identified as Andrei Kirillov and policeman Sergei Bushuyev.

“We are figuring out the motives,” Markin said.

Markin also stated that the student seems to have suffered an “emotional breakdown” while news agencies suspect that Gordeyev might have been seeking revenge after he thought his geography teacher had tried to impede the student from graduating with honors.

According to the security guard, student entered the school shouting “I need the geography teacher” and one of the student’s classmates recalls that Gordeyev shot Kirillov first in the stomach, then in his head. The teenage student is now under police custody and “will be charged with homicide, hostage-taking and endangering the life of a law enforcement officer,” Markin told journalists.

The investigation is ongoing and the police is searching through the student’s computer and other personal belongings to try to find the motive. Nonetheless, Gordeyev could be facing years in prison since the Russian Criminal Code states that endangering the life of a law enforcement officer is punished with 12 to 20 years in prison.Psychological tests will also be carried out in order to determine the reason why the straight-A student started an unprecedented Moscow school shooting.

Some of the students were locked inside the gym by a teacher during the hostage-taking and set free only after the police cleared the area. None of the students were injured in the incident.

Monday’s school shooting is an isolated case, but Education Minister Dmitry Livanov stated that this incident could lead to better security measures in schools all across Russia, especially after the country still mourns the death of 334 people killed in September 2004 when international terrorists captured a school in Beslan and hold 1,100 hostage people hostage, out of which 800 were children.

The unfortunate event in which a straight-A student started shooting in a school in Moscow comes a few days before the Olympic Games which will be held in Sochi. Security operation is in alert around the Black Sea city, especially after two bombings in Volgograd killed dozens in December. Russia is taking all precautions to ensure a smooth event which is reportedly seen as one of President Vladimir Putin’s most important projects.

By Gabriela Motroc

Wall Street Journal