NekNomination Drinking Game May Have Claimed Another Victim

A British man, who died shortly after downing two pints of gin, may be another victim of internet drinking game “NekNomination”.  The death of 20-year-old salesman Bradley Eames from Nottingham comes on the back of an online backlash against the game. In fact, the craze has seen many reject nominations to partake in the drinking session with many choosing to carry out acts of kindness instead. Eames posted a video on social media website Facebook in which he poured a pint of gin and boasted: “This is how you drink.”

The video showed Eames feeling sick after he finished the drink but he carried out the rest of the dare by pouring and finishing another pint. He then gave a thumb up to the camera as if everything was fine. The volume he consumed was the same as 37 shots. Eames died a week ago.

However, the post-mortem has yet to confirm his cause of death and so there is no proof that it resulted from the dare.  The world must wait to see if Eames could be claimed as the latest victim of the NekNomination drinking game. NekNomination was recently in the headlines when Isaac Richardson, 20, downed a cocktail of alcoholic drinks at his London workplace. Another man called Stephen Brookes also died playing the game, making him and Richardson the first to British people to die. Even if Eames is deemed not to have died as a result of drinking the two pints of gin, the fact he took part in the game shows there is still interest out there.

The game, which is also known by a list of other names, such as “NekNominate’ uses the following parameters. A person films him or herself drinking a pint of an alcoholic drink before uploading it to the internet. That person then chooses, or nominates, two people or even three people to do likewise within 24 hours. Although there has been a positive backlash to the new craze, there are fears that it could continue to grow as it attracts more media interest.

Although the origins of the game are not clear, it is thought to have come from Perth, Australia. The use of social media to promote it has made sure the game is now a global one. Indeed the hashtag “neknominate” first began trending in the UK in early 2013 –  a year on it has grown in popularity. Furthermore, UK newspapers have consistently highlighted the dangers of the game, making more people aware of it in the meantime.  The word is a play on “neck your drink” (finish it in one without pausing) and nominating people to follow on and join the game.

While Eames could be named another victim of the NekNomination drinking game, the British government – or at least one senior MP or cabinet member – will be expected to speak out. Binge drinking has long been a problem in the UK, particularly among teenagers and people in their early 20s. Furthermore, a number of lawyers have said these games – if they result in a death – provide adequate grounds for a manslaughter charge.

By Robert Shepherd





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