New Cynic Album Kindly Bent to Free Us Releases Worldwide February 14

Kindly Bent to Free Us Cynic

If you have never heard of the band Cynic before, now is a great opportunity for you. The newest Cynic album, Kindly Bent to Free Us, releases worldwide February 14 (North America February 18). Categorizing Cynic’s sound is a rather difficult thing to do, but it would be acceptable to call this band progressive metal. That being said, Cynic has lots of sounds going on in their music including jazz fusion, technical death metal, and even alternative rock.

Cynic has had a confusing past. They formed in 1987 but didn’t release their first studio album Focus, until 1993 (although they had a number of demo tapes). The band disbanded for twelve years before reuniting in 2006. Two years later Cynic was ready to release their second studio album, Traced in Air. In 2010 the band made an ep featuring one new track and reinterpretations of tracks from Traced in Air, the ep was called Re-Traced. One year later they released another ep known as Carbon-Based Anatomy which signified a big change in their sound and a year after that they released The Portal Tapes. Finally, the third studio album from Cynic, Kindly Bent to Free Us, drops February 14 worldwide (February 18 for North America) and features the original trio Paul Masvidal, Sean Malone, and Sean Reinert.

Paul Masvidal playing live Cynic Kindly Bent to Free Us

Excluding remastered albums, Kindly Bent to Free Us is the longest studio album from Cynic yet. With eight tracks (nine on the deluxe edition with the addition of the song “Earth Is My Witness”) the album comes to a total length of nearly 42 minutes. If your anticipation is too high it is possible to stream the entire album now, link found under the Related Articles section. For the big time fans a deluxe package that comes with a poster, notation sheets booklet, artwork, and more can be pre-ordered for $44.99. Supplies are limited and only the first 1,000 to purchase (worldwide) will be able to get this. Link down below.

Kindly Bent to Free Us Deluxe package Cynic February 14

Even though Cynic only has three studio albums they have a lot of work that speaks greatly about how they’ve grown and experimented with their sound. Coming from an already unique starting point, Kindly Bent to Free Us is loaded with elements from their past albums along with entirely new directions. It goes without saying that the technical skill involved on this album is as great as it has ever been. Lead singer Paul Masvidal has said, “It definitely sounds like us, except completely new.” According Sean Reinert, the band’s long time drummer “It’s a bold new sound for Cynic and marks a gigantic leap in the band’s progression.”

Kindly Bent to Free Us is the third studio album from the progressive metal band Cynic. It drops worldwide February 14 (February 18 North America). For fans of metal, prog, experimental, rock, and just about any other genre that includes guitar and drums, Cynic’s new album is something to look into. With six years separating this studio album from their last, fans can rejoice that such a skilled band has maintained their original formation for the release of a new album. With so much going on in this album feel free to post your comments, feelings, or impressions below.


By Garrett Jutte
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