New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Ready to Shake Things Up

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella Ready to Shake Things Up

New Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella ready to shake things up as the staggering technology giant pushes it burgeoning restructuring into high gear. After previous CEO Steve Ballmer announced his retirement in August of last year, a hundred candidates from dozens of fields were being considered for the top spot until the list was eventually whittled down to Nadella. With 22 years of experience at Microsoft, it comes a surprise that he doesn’t act like any previous CEO at the company, eschewing highly scheduled meetings and set in stone annual updates for on the fly discussions of ideas and pushing for frequent patches and fixes across all Microsoft services and products. Some think that he is being too hasty in his changes, but many think that Nadellas outside the box thinking is just what Microsoft needs to reclaim the top spot in the cutthroat technology industry.

However Nadella won’t have to fix the company alone. Bill Gates has made it clear that he intends to spend at least a third of his time either coaching Nadella himself in how to handle the top spot or discussing ideas with engineers and programmers. Ballmer has retained a seat on the board of directors but will focus more on business matters, where his strength lies. With Gates on hand to keep things from getting too far outside of the box, the new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is ready to shake things up with ideas that support the way Microsoft has been doing business for years, while allowing it to flex and change for the future.

However while the changes being made inside the company are already well underway, the effects they will have Microsoft’s performance in the market are the topic of hot debate. After a disastrous series of releases of both hardware and software, many were betting that Microsoft was about to take a back seat in the PC market, similar to SEGA bowing out of video game hardware in 2001. But the new Microsoft CEO seems to have this in hand, with plans to strengthen the architecture put in place by those who preceded him, with an eye for keeping his priorities in line with the consumers who will ultimately decide the fate of Microsoft. Slowly opening Microsoft products and services to be more accessible to consumers is a line Nadella has been following previously, but now that he is in the top spot, he will have much more freedom to choose how and why partnerships can and will be made with other companies in the arena. Although new Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is ready to shake things up, there will be a long hard road ahead of him. Luckily it doesn’t seem like he will have much resistance to change from members of the board or Gates himself, as many of them seem to have realized that what they have been doing for the last 39 years, although effective for that time, will not be able to carry them forward. Placing their trust in Nadellas changes may seem counter intuitive, but all signs point to success.

By Daniel O’Brien

Information Week
Venture Beat
Wall Street Journal

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