Nicki Minaj in $30 Million Lawsuit Over Wigs

Nicki Minaj
Nicki Minaj is known for her music, flashy style, her bling and most of all her outrageous wigs.  Wigs that have Nicki Minaj in the center of a $30 million lawsuit filed by her former wig designer, Terrence Davidson.

Davidson, who lives in Georgia, filed suit on Friday in the district court of Atlanta.  He claims that not only has the female rapper stolen his designs and now profiting off of them by selling the wigs on her website but also that he turned down a reality TV show deal because of advice from someone on the artists team.  Davidson claims that he and Minaj were in the talks of creating their own reality show.

Davidson began working with Minaj, whose real name is Onika Maraj, back in January 2010.  But by 2012 he alleges that Minaj and her team began to slowly isolate him and then ousted him from any future talks or projects.

Davidson’s attorney, Christopher Chestnut, says that while he understands people might find the entire thing ridiculous that it is basically the principle of the whole thing.  “We really have to consider this in context.  Hair is a multibillion dollar industry, but moreover these are not your Grandma’s wigs.”  Chestnut says that the wigs are eclectic, designer wigs and a brand that his client has built his career on.

The former American Idol judge wore Davidson’s wigs in media appearances in London, at the MTV’s Video Music Award pre show and in her video “SuperBass”.  Wigs such as “Half Blonde-Half Pink Wig”, “Pink Upper Bun Wig” and “Fox Fur Wig” are some named in the lawsuit.

Nicki Minaj, nor anyone from her team, has yet to comment over the $30 million lawsuit filed against her over wigs.  Wigs and the fact that Minaj became suddenly silent “about business ventures and took active steps to isolate Davidson and preclude him from the notoriety he deserved for his wig designs.”

Minaj has sold over 3 million copies of her two last albums combined, “Pink Friday” and “Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded”.  She is also reportedly made $18 Million from being a judge on American Idol.

Davidson, who also worked with names like Patti LaBelle, says that a friend of his sent him pictures and that caused him to do some searching.  It was by that searching when he realized that Minaj was stealing his designs and profiting off of them.  He says that he was seeing all these wigs online and that his creations were being ripped off.

Neither Davidson, nor Chestnut, are denying that Minaj is a very talented artist and they wish her no ill will.  They applaud her success, actually, but they feel that Davidson was cheated.  That the artist is reaping in plenty of money and part of that is due to Davidson’s creations which gave the star her unique look.  Basically that Minaj should credit those that deserve it and therefore get paid equal to that credit.

It is no secret that the rapper is indeed successful but this particular behaviour goes against “American morality” Chestnut says.  So now Nicki Minaj is facing a $30 million lawsuit in the first ever intellectual property dispute involving wigs.

Editorial by Derik L. Bradshaw


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