Nicki Minaj Sued for Plagiarizing Wigs

Nicki MinajNicki Minaj is being sued and this time for the plagiarizing of wigs! The decision to file the lawsuit comes after the former judge on American Idol reportedly cost her hair stylist a potential deal for a reality show.

Terrence Davidson chose to file the lawsuit in the Atlanta district court on Friday, claiming the rapper stole various designs of wigs. He is seeking damages for as much as $30 million to make up for the reality show that he didn’t both pursuing after the plagiarism.

The stylist, who began employment under Minaj in January 2010, created various wigs. The rapper and singer would then choose the ones that she wanted to wear for her appearances on the night. The different wigs soon became something that she was known for among her fan base, and she regularly had many different styles. Some of those included a platinum blonde wig and even a half-and-half pink and blonde one. On her debut album in November 2010, Minaj was photographed wearing a bright pink wig.

Davidson’s complaint is due to the former reality show judge selling wigs based on his designs on her own website. He only found out about this because an image was forwarded by a friend and he then started researching to find out more. The designer decided the only thing to do was sue Minaj for plagiarizing his wigs, or at least allowing others to do it so she can make more money.

The designer is being represented by Christopher Chestnut, who said he is just standing up for the artist. It is not the fact that the rapper is making money from the designs. The problem is Davidson not getting the financial reward for the designs. Minaj is reportedly making millions from the designs.

Davidson told CNN that he and the rapper discussed the opportunity of launching a line of wigs, along with a reality show. He had been there from the kick start of her career until he was actively being isolated from the business opportunities in 2012. He found that he was not even going to gain the notoriety that comes from designing such creations, which could have helped him in future employment.

Chestnut acknowledged that this may seem like a strange thing to sue over, but the hair industry is a multibillion dollar one. Also, these are not the basic wigs that are found in everyday stores. These are eccentric and bold designs created for one specific purpose. They are highly creative and from the talents of Davidson. It is just like copying a novel, graphic work or even video games.

Some of the wigs available on Minaj’s website include the “Fox Fur Wig,” the popular blonde and pink wig and the “Pink Upper Bun Wig.” Fans have seen the celebrity wear many of these before, and they are being sold for hundreds of dollars at a time.

The lawsuit was only filed on Friday, so it will take some time to determine the outcome. Davidson is seeking $30 million in damages, while suing Minaj for plagiarizing his wig designs.

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham



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