Olympic Wolf Prank Pulled off by Jimmy Kimmel and US Olympic Luger [VIDEO]

olympic wolf

The Olympic Games in Sochi will come to an end tomorrow, but thanks to a prank dubbed by some the “olympic wolf” pulled off by Jimmy Kimmel and U.S. Olympic luger Kate Hansen, the event will be long remembered. On Wednesday, Hansen posted a 17-second clip named Epic #SochiFail: Wolf in my hall on YouTube and Twitter and more than 1.9 million people viewed the scene in which a timber wolf was wandering the hallways of a dorm for the athletes in Sochi. Plenty of U.S. media websites and channels broadcasted the news that an olympic wolf got inside the athletes’ village and some even called it “the wold of Sochi.”

After the news went viral and TV channels debated over the canine’s breed all day long, Jimmy Kimmel came clean on his late night show, admitting that the olympic wolf occurrence was a prank pulled off by him and U.S. Olympic luger, Kate Hansen. After the athlete allowed the show to tweet on her behalf “I’m pretty sure this is a wolf wandering my hall in Sochi” and post a video on YouTube in which she was gasping “Oh my God!” as she kept filming, the prank “went a little crazy” in Sochi as the security worried about the supposedly breach.

The International Olympic Committee’s Reaction

Organizers were not happy about the olympic wolf prank that Jimmy Kimmel and U.S. Olympic luger, Kate Hansen pulled off, but no disciplinary action will be taken.

“It made me kind of laugh as an individual, not as an IOC spokesman,” Mark Adams, spokesman of the International Olympic Committee said Friday.

Adams added that he didn’t believe the prank hurt anyone and didn’t see it as a serious happening which disturbed the Sochi Olympic Games in any way. Sochi organizing committee spokeswoman Alexandra Kosterina stated that the prank with the olympic wolf did not do any harm and that “people are having fun.” Even though the U.S. Olympic Committee declined to comment, the joke was eventually seen as a recreation.

Hansen told Kimmel during a Skype talk that “it kind of went a little crazy here,” but “it was all worth it in the end.”

Behind the Scenes

The Olympic wolf prank pulled off by Jimmy Kimmel and U.S. Olympic luger was a 15-hour work in order to construct the exact replica of the Olympic village dorm hallway of the image Hansen sent. Although people speculated whether the canine was really a wolf or it was a husky or German Shepherd mix, Kimmel cleared the air and told his audience that the American timber wolf mix that was hired for the prank was named Rugby and came to the studio with his trainer.

Both the wolf and Hansen appeared during Kimmel’s show on Thursday night and the host also aired the full, unedited version of the olympic wolf video.

The clip shows that after Hansen’s YouTube stunt, Kimmel lumbered after the wolf, dressed as a U.S. Olympic skier and calling the animal “Garfield.”

“Have you seen my wolf?,” Kimmel asked Hansen as he minded his own skiing.

The prank with the Olympic wolf was broadcasted and debated by some U.S. media websites and channels that did not verify the authenticity of the information, but Jimmy Kimmel came clean during his show later on and admitted that he pulled off the joke along with U.S. Olympic luger, Kate Hansen.

By Gabriela Motroc



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