Pharrell Williams Grammy Hat to Fund Kids Art Interest


Pharrell Williams is hot and his Grammy hat is an auction item on eBay, funds will be used to fund kids art interest. In addition to raising the roof and leaving the Grammys with seven awards to his credit, he is cashing in on the crazy hat he wore to the awards show. Happy enough with his accomplishments into the second month of 2014, he is donating proceeds to his charity. Williams’ charity, One Hand to Another, benefits kids through educational arts programs. Bids started at $200. There are just under 70 bids for the hat thus far. By Friday they were up to $10,500.

The Vivienne Woodstock hat went viral as people tweeted about the headgear which resembles the hat worn by park rangers. Arby’ restaurant put in jabs at Pharrell after the Grammy show tweeting, “Hey Pharrell, we want our hat back!” The tweet went viral and Pharrell decided to keep the hat in the spotlight. He has worn it in several appearances since the awards show. He even had fun along with Arby’s tweeting, “Hey Arby’s, want your hat back, you have a chance it’s being auctioned.”

It is good to see selfless acts when people enjoy success at the level Williams has reached. The rapper, singer, songwriter/producer has his hand in many streams dealing with the music industry. His attitude is humble and his smile engaging. That is just what the world needs more of. Pharrell’s Grammy hat will help to fund kids interest in art. It is warming to know that the funds will go towards helping kids.

If the $10,000 range is too much for hat, Pharrell has a hat collection for sale with prices ranging from $75-$300.

In a statement to press Pharrell said, “ I’m giving up the Buffalo hat that I wore to the Grammys. The monies, (100% of monies collected in the auction will be donated) to help at-risk kids get the educational tools and exposure to the arts.” Pharrell’s non-profit From One Hand to Another is supported through the Pharrell Williams Resource Centers. “The learning programs are committed to helping kids find their passions, prepare them for success and challenge their minds.” he said.

Pharrell and his wife have a five-year old son, Rocket. Pharrell shared that he enjoyed viewing the movie Despicable Me 2 which features the soundtrack with his son, and that he is the inspiration for a lot of his creativity. Those who have had the opportunity to view the video with Williams surprising a day care teacher who is also a big fan, see how easily Happy and Pharrell go hand in hand. The song is infectious and is currently number two on Billboard.

Happy has also been nominated for an Academy Award, fans will have to wait until the award show airs on March 1 to see how Williams fares. Whether he wins or loses, his new album “G I R L” is scheduled for release on March 3. Get ready to move to a promising mix of songs that will keep the party going. Pharrell is enjoying success across the board. Pharrell’s Grammy hat is a hot auction item on eBay, the winning bidder will get the hat and all proceeds will help to fund kids interest in art. If interested bid before 5pm PST, March 2.

By C. Imani Williams

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