Philip Seymour Hoffman Dead

Philip Seymour Hoffman-Dead

Philip Seymour Hoffman was found dead on the morning of Superbowl Sunday. Hoffman was a talented and inspiring artist, who will no doubt live through each of his amazing films. Still young at the age of 46, Hoffman suffered from a condition that continues to plague the acting world: drug addiction. Hoffman had been in a decade long relationship with heroin, which he culminated on Sunday, February 2 before 11:30 am. Westlake Village officers discovered Hoffman’s body in the bathroom of his apartment, with a needle still stuck in his arm. Alongside his body officers also discovered an envelope with drugs inside it. The cause of death is drug overdose, granting Hoffman a spot amongst other legacy artists who’ve died in the same fashion. Hoffman’s death appears to be yet another such unexpected and devastating loss to the entertainment world.

Aside from the cinematic experiences, Hoffman leaves behind life partner Mimi O’Donnell and their three children. Hoffman’s children are still very young, his two daughters are Tallulah and Willa, ages 7 and 5. His eldest child is his son Cooper, age 10. Hoffman was sought after when he was supposed to pick his children up Sunday morning, but failed to appear. His body was discovered by playwright and friend, David Katz. Hoffman was popular in both the theater and film committee, maintaining a stage presence despite a successful film career.

The last film Phillip Seymour Hoffman acted in was the Hunger Games. One of the last productions Hoffman was involved in was a spoof trailer of Spike Jonze’s “Her”, where he replaced Scarlett Johanssen’s character as the OS/love interest. Hoffman was not only blessed with exceptional acting skill, but he also exhibited impeccable wit. Had Hoffman been able to conquer his drug addiction, there is no doubt that he would have acted into his 80s. His most memorable role was as Cold Blood author, Truman Capote. He won an Oscar for Capote, where he delivered an emotional speech and kissed his co-stars. Hoffman was obviously a man filled with love and gratitude, focusing his Oscar acceptance speech on his mother. It is jarring to comprehend that such a talented and intelligent person could leave the world so irresponsibly. He had so much to live for, yet could not control his addictions. Despite Hoffman’s attempt to rehabilitate himself by checking into a 10 day clinic, he was still inclined to shoot up before picking up his kids.

Hoffman’s career was exemplary, but his death by addiction should not be lost amongst the history of stars and drugs. Hoffman’s death should be a reminder that drug addiction remains a serious epidemic. While Hoffman showed interest in conquering his drug problem, 10 days was not long enough to kick his habit. Legislation must be tightened to require minimal rehab stays for known addicts, so as to provide them with a strong foundation to resist drug use. The entertainment world will grieve for a long time over this immense loss. Although Philip Seymour Hoffman is now dead, his talent will live forever.

By Victoria Chuidian

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