Philip Seymour Hoffman: Final Farewells

Philip Seymour Hoffman: Final Farewells

Following the tragic loss of actor Philip Seymour Hoffman, he remains in the thoughts and prayers of many as a nation bids their final farewells to the actor. Today a service was held in honor of one of Hollywood’s finest, in which Hoffman’s closest friends and family paid him their final respects. Hoffman’s family was joined by many celebrities in remembering the iconic celebrity’s  life. Ethan Hawke, Brian Dennehey, Meryl Streep, Cate Blanchett, Ellen Burstyn and Amy Adams joined the celebrities in attendance who paid their last homage to “one of the greatest actors of our generation.”

As Hoffman’s coffin left the Church of St. Ignatius Loyola in a hearse, Diane Sawyer and Streep were seen embracing one another in a warm hug as they mourned over the loss of one of their dearest friends. Following the service, Jose Rivera who has worked with Hoffman’s LABryinth Theater as a playwright commented, “Hoffman has left an tremendous amount of love behind him, and this is truly a horrible loss.” Rivera further elaborated on the final farewells paid to Hoffman in his statement, ” It (Hoffman’s service) was beautiful, genuine and wholehearted. Everyone in attendance had a lot to remember of Phil.”

Also in attendance at the private service were Spike Lee, Mike Nichols, Chris Rock, Marisa Tomei, Joaquin Phoenix, Mary Louise Parker, David Bar Katz and numerous other individuals who Hoffman has worked with. When speaking of Hoffman, Lee noted, “Phil was both a loving guy and a great artist. I only had the privilege to work with him once during the making of The 25th Hour, but I loved Philip, and this is a big, big loss.” In addition, Mary Catherine Wright, who lived near Hoffman, added, “He is largely known for the roles he played in his movies, but I think his theater performances were beyond remarkable. For example, I saw him perform in Long Day’s Journey Into Night, and I thought that he demonstrated sheer genius.”

Hoffman’s death was the result of an assumed heroin overdose, and he departed us at the tender age of 46. This affirmation was made as police seized nearly seventy bags of heroin from his Bethune Street apartment, along with Hoffman, who reportedly had a needle in his arm.  Philip is survived by Mimi O’Donnell, who was his significant other for fifteen years, as well as their three children, Willa, Tallulah and Conner Hoffman. During the private service in which those in attendance bid Hoffman their final farewells, O’Donnell was seen holding their youngest child.

At this moment, the autopsy report has yet to confirm his death as being a result of a drug overdose, as the results are postponed due to a pending toxicology report. In addition, there are reports that a larger ceremony is to be held in honor of the Oscar-winning actor later on this month. Regardless of the report, many will miss the man who was, according to stage actress Noelle McGrath, “an old shoe of a guy who was capable of completely transforming himself.”

By Aaron Weis

Los Angeles Times
New York Daily News
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