Philip Seymour Hoffman Stuck In Heart Aching Love Triangle Before Death


Philip Seymour Hoffman, who tragically passed away on February 2nd from an apparent heroin overdose, may have left behind some clues as to why his life had gotten so far off track. Hoffman had allegedly been stuck in a rather heart aching love triangle. His death came as a surprise to everyone who knew him well.

According to police, some evidence of a broken heart had been written out in one of two journals, one about 6 – 8 inches and the other 7- 9 which Hoffman kept in his apartment. The actor had apparently been involved with two women romantically.

Law enforcement says that Hoffman’s diaries express some detail of him splitting time between girlfriend Mimi O’Donnell and a new woman whom he had seemingly been involved with. O’Donnell is a costume designer who was involved romantically with Hoffman for 15 years. They had met on the set of a movie he had directed In Arabia We’d All Be Kings. Together, they have one son, and two daughters.

O’Donnell may have kicked Hoffman out of their home about three months prior to his passing, sources to the NY Post implied. They also mentioned that Hoffman was urged to keep away from his three children while using drugs. O’Donnell’s attempts were to compel the actor to finally to get clean.

Hoffman’s funeral was held on February 7th at St. Ignatius Loyola church in Manhattan. Many a-list stars were in attendance to pay their respects including Meryl Streep, Joaquin Phoenix, Ethan Hawke, Julianne Moore, Diane Keaton, Cate Blanchett and Amy Adams. The official cause of the actor’s death is being looked into by the New York medical examiner’s office.

NBC stated Hoffman’s almost illegible journals revealed that he was “haunted by daemons.” Police had discovered the two diaries in Hoffman’s apartment, along with the 40 plus bags of heroin and prescription drugs at the time of his death. One source told NBC, “its stream of consciousness and difficult to follow.” Apparently, there had been words about a man named Frank that Hoffman described as “always owing money.” On the same page, Hoffman went into detail about a 15-year-old girl from Texas. Another source is convinced that Hoffman wrote most of the heart aching words of the love triangle he was stuck in during rehab “It definitely contained some soul-searching. But there is also a fair amount of rambling that doesn’t make sense.” Hoffman suffered from shame about his drinking since making the commitment to be sober for more than 23 years, sources say.

NBC reported that Hoffman had been attending Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Hoffman has said he would abuse “anything I could get my hands on. I liked it all.” Hoffman was 46 years old when death came knocking at the door of his West Village home. He was found with a syringe still in his arm.

Hoffman’s love triangle did not keep him from working however. His last screen appearance was made in the movie, The Hunger Games – Catching Fire. At the time of his death, he had been working on set of The Hunger Games: Mocking jay – Part 2. It is apparent that Hoffman was stuck in a battle with his addiction to drugs, and the hearts of the world will emphatically ache at his passing.

By Katie Sevigny


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