Samsung Corporation Hopes Products Speak for Themselves

The Samsung Corporation appears to have adopted a new approach when it comes to launching new or upgraded products. The company continues to impress with their line-up of products and continues to lead the market in the smartphone category, but in previous years, it was the presentations that were even more memorable than the products themselves.

Several years ago, Samsung featured a team of dancers, wearing leggings, at the introduction of the Wave. At last year’s presentation to introduce the Galaxy S4,  the Samsung Chairman JK Shin, was introduced by an MC at Radio City Music Hall, and backed by a live orchestra. In previous years, one presentation featured nude models with body paint wrapped in plastic bubbles.

This year, however, it appears the Samsung Corporation has adopted a new approach. For the introduction of the Galaxy S5 at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona, there was no glitz or glamour, nor nude dancers, as the Samsung Corporation hopes that the products speak for themselves. The presentation was much more muted and began with a chamber orchestra playing some invigorating music, followed by the illumination of giant screen that introduced company executives showing the new features of the Galaxy S5.

The presentation was done efficiently and lasted for less than an hour, and it said all that was required about the new phone from the Korean electronics giant. The audience of about 6000 appeared to be appreciative of the presentation that was completed without a glitch.

The Samsung Corporation appears to acknowledge the fact that they are not in the business of entertainment, but in the business of manufacturing electronics. The same back to basic approach has been adopted, not only in the presentations, but also with the product itself. The flagship Galaxy S5 is meant to focus on delivering solutions that the consumer needs, says JK Shin, who is in charge of the Mobile and IT Division. The S5 now includes features that make it a part of everyday life.

A few prominent new features are the advanced 16 megapixel camera and much faster network connectivity. A lot of focus is paid to fitness, and the Galaxy S5 includes several tools dedicated to fitness enthusiasts, such as an easy to use heart-rate monitor. The display is slightly bigger than the S4, but the phone also includes a proprietary chip that automatically adjusts the color and brightness of the images under different lighting conditions.

The design of the S5 is not earthshaking, but it is still iconic with the recognized perforated pattern featured on the rear cover. Samsung indicates that the phone will be available in 4 colors of White, Black, Copper Gold and Electric Blue. The choice of colors appears to follow the same back to basic attitude as they appear to suit the taste of different types of customers.

The number of embedded apps has also been reduced, and more attention is paid to usability, with what the company claims id the fastest auto-focus feature in the world. Biometric fingerprint identification to unlock the phone and longer battery life are also some of the features that users will appreciate.

The change in the way the product has been launched may be  big for Samsung, but it does not appear to detract from the efficacy of the product, as more focus is paid to substance, and less to style as the Samsung Corporation hopes that the products will speak for themselves. It is easy to observe consumer reaction when the S5 goes on sale in April.

By Dale Davidson

Samsung Village
Financial Times

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