Samsung Galaxy S5 Speculation Runs Rampant

Samsung Galaxy

The hype behind Samsung’s soon-to-be-released Galaxy S5 may not be quite up to par when compared to that of the S4, but that has not stopped speculation from running rampant. What new features will the newest Galaxy have? Will it outdo Apple’s iPhone 5 in the public mindset? How much will it cost? There are no definitive answers to these questions as of yet, but that has not prevented technology gurus from weighing in regardless.

Samsung will be hosting an event on Monday at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, and many believe this is the ideal time for the iconic company to reveal the newest edition of their flagship phone. The Galaxy S4, made available to the public less than a year ago, achieved widespread success, selling more than 40 million units since its launch–including 20 million within the first two months. Consumers in the smartphone market may not be easy to please, but Samsung has earned a  hard-fought reputation for being a major player in a very competitive industry.

The newest version of the Samsung Galaxy series of smartphones is rumored to feature a number of improvements, and will most likely offer, among other things, the same fingerprint sensor featured on the new iPhone. The company’s mobile chief, Lee Young Hee, suggested that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will not settle for making just a few modest improvements, however. Based on the few teasers released by the company so far, users can expect a waterproof model similar to what was featured in the Galaxy S4 Active in addition to an ever-increasing screen size and still smaller frame–a continuing pattern that has been in the works for years now.

Public interest in Samsung’s new phone does not appear to be as high as it has been in the past, however. The speculation that runs rampant in regards to the Samsung Galaxy S5 is not exclusively of the positive variety. Online searches for the device are down considerably from a year ago, when internet users lit up search engines to dig up information about the popular S4. As for Samsung itself, the company is definitely not putting all its eggs into the smartphone basket.

IBB consultant Jefferson Wang says that the smartphone experience has already been maximized, and the 2014 trend seems to involve wearable technology, such as the soon-to-be-released Google Glass. Samsung has already dipped a toe in that category with the release of the Samsung Gear, a smartwatch meant to serve as a complementary technology to smartphones. While reviews of the Samsung Gear have been mixed, primarily due to the device’s weak battery life, it is clear that the electronics giant is focused on much more than merely producing smartphones, however successful they have proven to be in that area.

As Samsung is still Apple’s primary competition in an always hostile smartphone market, it is not surprising that speculation would run rampant for the still unannounced Galaxy S5. The company’s newest smartphone may not prove to be as popular as the Samsung Galaxy S4, but odds are good that it will perform well in the market even with less-than-stellar pre-sale indications. More detailed information about the new smartphone is likely to be available in the very near future.

By Spencer Hendricks

USA Today
International Business Times

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