Samuel L. Jackson Goes Pulp Fiction on Reporter – There May Be More To It

Sam L. Jackson Motion picture film star Samuel L. Jackson appeared to be more than slightly offended during a television interview about the star’s latest movie Robo Cop, when he goes into a Pulp Fiction style verbal flogging of KTLA reporter Sam Rubin.  Rubin confused Jackson with another African-American actor Laurence Fishburne, inciting a speech not unlike the one he gave in the 1997 blockbuster film Pulp Fiction, just before he goes and kills the guy, “And you shall know my name is The Lord,  when I lay my  vengeance upon thee” but there may be more to it.

A comical scene from some stand-point, but not if you were Rubin, the reporter who blundered his way into a steel cage, leaving just enough space between the bars for the Oscar Nominee to sufficiently prod the newscaster into submission.

“You’re as crazy as the people on twitter” he tells Rubin. “We don’t all look alike” He adds.


“You’re the entertainment reporter and you don’t know the difference between me and Laurence Fishburne?” Jackson exclaimed with dumbfounded belief.


“I’m the other guy, I’m the, ‘what’s in your wallet black guy’ he’s the car black guy,” citing popular television commercials in which the actors appear.

Jackson has starred and co-starred in a great number of film works alongside some of the biggest names in Hollywood, including stars like Robert De Niro, John Travolta, Bruce Willis and too many more to mention, with a title wave of blockbusters under his belt such as Die Hard, Jackie Brown, and Quentin Tarantino’s 2012 film Django Unchained, co-starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Jamie Fox.

Is it fair to say that when an accomplished actor like Samuel L Jackson goes “Pulp Fiction” on a news reporter for not doing his homework, he may be somewhat justified? Does good Journalism require responsible preparation on the side of its news anchors, especially when interviewing celebrities on television in front of millions of Americans across the country? Samuel L Jackson seems to think so, but there may be more to it than what appears.

KTLA reporter Sam Rubin has openly admitted to his light headed disarrangement of celebrity faces on the air since the interview with Jackson took place. Jackson also stated in the interview with Rubin, that he “plays the only black guy in the film who is not a criminal” possibly noting how historically, black actors were often cast as bad guys in movies. Hollywood has a history of casting African-Americans as bad guys or in other less significant roles, and America as a nation has a history of second class citizenship, where not all human beings were portrayed in the media as equally important.

Sam Rubin has taken a beating on air in front of America and been shamed in front of his colleagues, but there may be more to it than viewers see at first glance. A great lesson of importance to journalists not only across the United States, but throughout the entire world has arisen from this seemingly overblown misunderstanding, and that is…Samuel L. Jackson will not hesitate to go Pulp Fiction on a news reporter! Especially if you mistake him for Laurence Fishburne!

by: Aaron Thompson