School Principals Competing for Viral Videos of School Closings (Video)

School Principals Competing for Viral Videos of School Closings (Video)

It seems that all this artic weather is doing much more than closing schools and disrupting life in general, it has spawned what looks to be a competition between school principals who have been uploading videos on YouTube that are going viral. All the video’s are musical in nature and they range from a parody of Queen classic Bohemian Rhapsody to Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby and even a reworking of the Ylvis song Fox(What Does the Fox Say).

The whole competition was started by the principal of Stephens Elementary School, which is part of Boone County Schools in Kentucky. This video was actually just footage of the principal, and an assistant, recording a phone message for parents about the weather closing the school. It was done, according to the description under the video, to put a little humor into the phone message telling of the shutting down of the institute of learning by the inclement weather. The video was posted on YouTube February 3, 2014 and has earned, to date, well over 2 million views. You can check out the musical message on the video below:

The second video to enter this musical school closure competition was posted on February 4 and featured the principal of Cedar Creek Elementary School, in Olathe, Kansas, Mr Reeves with his family recording their own snow closure message. Enlisting the help of his wife and their three children the principal did a parody of What Does the Fox Say by Ylvis which has had well over 100 million views on YouTube. While it looks as though not all of the Reeves’ kids were “willing” participants, they all do their best to sing, albeit offkey, and support their father’s attempt to make the Snow Day announcement a funny one. Unfortunately, the Cedar Creek entry has only had just over 200,000 views on YouTube. This entry has come third, but, it is still worth a look and you can see it below:

The third entry in the viral video competition between principals who are announcing their school closures in a very unique and musical way is the head of Durham Academy in North Carolina and his assistant who parody Vanilla Ice’s Ice Ice Baby. The academy Head, aka Principal, is Michael Ulka-Steiner and his assistant Upper School Director Lee Hark and together the two record and perform what must be the definitive school closure video. Posted on YouTube February, 12 this year the men prove that there is nothing boring or dull about the field of education.

Since the video was posted on the Google owned site, it has garnered well over 3 million views and is rapidly approaching the 4 million mark. Ulka-Steiner dons a pair of skiing goggles and his assistant Hark puts on a specially designed Team USA sweater that has gone up for auction on Durham Academy’s Charity Benefit Auction website. Obviously the sweater is about as popular as the hilarious closing video with one bid coming in at $1,700. You can see the sweater and the video below:

As long as this artic weather continues to shut down schools in the affected areas, more school principals may join the competition. If the snow continues we may see more principals doing their musical messages. Although these three entries are not part of an official competition, the viral videos are providing some much needed humor for the parents of those schools which are closing due to the Ice Ice Baby.

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