Seahawks Russell Wilson Finally Cuts Lucky Hair

Seahawks Russell Wilson cuts his hair
During the last week in January leading up to the Super Bowl, Media Day gave reporters the opportunity to speak with both players and coaches. Reporters had the opportunity to ask those burning questions at the forefront of fan interest such as, whether Manning has plans for retirement, and how Coach Carroll felt about his return to New York- all very relevant. However, one of the first questions posed to Russell Wilson was about his hair; specifically when he received his last hair cut. Apparently, fans can rest easy as the clean-cut quarterback they remember has returned. According to Lauren Tantlinger, a stylist at Sports Clips of Bellevue, Seahawks Russell Wilson finally cut his lucky hair.

Although many criticized the seemingly irrelevant question on media day, the response by Wilson was so heartwarming it had the effect of legitimizing such an inquiry. Wilson chuckled at first, then replied with a superb explanation for his shaggy curls. He reminisced about an old picture he found of himself with his father, who passed away in 2010. Wilson traced the photo back to his junior year in high school during a time when his football team was headed for the state championships. He noticed both he and his dad had long hair in the picture and at once he remembered they had vowed not to cut their hair until after the team won State. They won the conference title, but lost in the championship. Luckily for the Seahawks, this time around, the long curly locks proved more effective. Now that the Seahawks have earned a victory as world champions, Russell Wilson was free to finally cut his lucky hair.

Wilson’s hair became a topic of interest to both media and fans alike, as it was a look they were not used to seeing him wear. Russell Wilson has arguably become the face of the Seattle Seahawks due to his articulate executions of press conferences pre and post game as well as his willingness to speak with the media and answer questions at their request. Moreover, his appearance is always very clean-cut and squared away. It is more common for Russell to appear in a crisp suit and tie, rather than sweats and a t-shirt. Additionally, his hair is generally neat, and close shaven to the scalp. Thus, when he stopped cutting his hair, it became a topic of conversation and curiosity. As fond as the Seahawks fans, the 12th man, are of their quarterback they couldn’t help but prod him for an explanation. It is safe to say everyone accepted his reasoning and have actually grown fond of his new look, curly locks and all.

As far as how the fans will react to a return of Wilson’s signature neat, boy-next-door, look remains to be seen. The first question might be directed to the stylist on whether he saved the locks for good luck next season. All joking aside, the 12th man adores Wilson and will likely continue to admire his poise and humility regardless of his hairstyle. Although some Seahawks fans might be disappointed that Russell Wilson has finally cut his lucky hair, the Lombardi trophy might be of some comfort.

By Chavala Trigg

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