Selena Gomez Doing Well After Stint in Rehab Last Month

Selena Gomez Doing Well After Stint in Rehab Last Month

After the news that Selena Gomez spent a two week stint in rehab last month in Arizona, bestie Demi Lovato tweeted kind and encouraging words to Selena, writing that “the strongest people ask for help.” Selena Gomez is a strong, confident young woman, besides being one of today’s hottest pop music stars. With the love of her friends, like Demi Lovato, her family, and fans, Gomez is likely to be able to put this chapter in her life successfully behind her, having grown perhaps a bit wiser by the experience.

Reportedly, Selena Gomez is blaming Justin Bieber for her stint in rehab. She was at the facility in Arizona called Dawn at the Meadows for substance abuse. She alleges that she smoked marijuana on a regular basis when she was dating Justin Bieber.

Selena, 21, was out of rehab just in time to attend the Sundance Film Festival. Besides being treated for her substance abuse, Selena Gomez also was trying “to learn tools on how to deal with Justin and letting go of that relationship,” according to one source who told this to E! News.

The source stated that Selena went to the rehab facility in Arizona so that Selena Gomez could use the time “to deal with issues, to deal with herself, with a therapist,” adding that right now, “everything is OK” with her and her family. They are the ones initially urging her to seek help at the Arizona facility. They feared that her partying was getting out of hand, and, according to the source, they “very much encouraged her to go to rehab.”

The Dawn at the Meadows facility has patients who are young adults, ranging from the ages of 18-26. Besides substance abuse issues, the patients there also often deal with emotional issues and “dual diagnosis concerns.”

Selena Gomez reportedly canceled a scheduled tour of Australia that was supposed to begin this month so that she could spend some quality time “on herself.”

Going to rehab couldn’t have been an easy decision for Selena Gomez to make. It took guts on her part, admitting that she needed to get professional help for her problems and also, going public with the news, being honest about the issues she was dealing with last month.

Normal, average young adults feel pressures from friends and acquaintances to experiment with alcohol and drugs. The pressures that young adults who are in the music and acting industries have upon them to be cool and to prove themselves often leads them to substance abuse.

Put on top of that, an emotional breakup with a guy you were at one time committed to, like Justin Bieber, and seeing him leaving you behind and going from girl to girl like a bee to flowers, and the pressures and possible insecurity and jealousy a person might feel can become difficult to deal with without the aid of professional help.

Selena Gomez is getting back to the life she was leading before she ever had a relationship with Justin Bieber, and she is already getting back to working on her music and her career, as well as spending quality time with herself and her family and close friends. That’s good news both for herself, and to her legions of fans. Everyone at the Guardian Liberty Voice wishes Selena Gomez nothing but happiness and success.

Written by: Douglas Cobb


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