Seth Meyers Continues ‘SNL’ Style Comedy in ‘Late Night’ Debut (Video)

MeyersFilling Jimmy Fallon’s shoes on Late Night would be no small task for anyone, but Seth Meyers, known for his role as the Weekend Update anchor on Saturday Night Live, made it seem easy. Meyers debuted Monday with a monologue that continued the same style of comedy he used on SNL.

Anyone who has ever watching Fallon on Late Night is familiar with his Thank You Notes segment. Meyers opened his first night with a Thank You Note segment of his own, in which he thanked Fallon for moving to The Tonight Show so he could take over on Late Night. Then he quickly promised to move forward with fresh material of his own.

Meyers showed off his story-telling abilities, while bringing his own brand of humor to Late Night. He went on to debut a segment called Venn Diagram. He brought up an item on one side, an item on the other side, then blended them together, announcing a funny thing that they both had in common. For example, he put Nicki Minaj on one side and A&E’s Hoarders on the other side. When they came together, the middle read, “they both have lots of junk in the trunk.”

His monologue was full of Olympic humor. He appeared a little out of place standing alone on the stage. Meyers continued with the same style of comedy he used on SNL. The only thing missing was the news desk, the photos he used to reference and the circle of dysfunctional friends that co-hosted with him and appeared as special correspondents.

Speaking of co-hosts, Meyer’s first guest on Late Night was his good friend and SNL co-star, Amy Poeler. Their conversation was effortless and entertaining. It is no surprise that it went well because they are familiar with each other and already have experience on camera together, having started their stint on SNL together in 2001. She also joined him on his last episode of SNL on February first.

Poeler was not the only familiar face to appear on Late Night with Seth Meyers though. Fred Armisen, another friend from the SNL cast was introduced as the leader of The BG Band.

His second guest was Vice President Joe Biden. Biden had worked with Poeler before when he had a small role on Parks and Recreation. When talking about his plans for 2016, he made it sound like he had a big announcement, but backed down and said that it was Meyer’s big night and he should be invited back to share his news another time. Poeler joked, “I’m going to run for president,” when Meyers asked about her plans for 2016.

The show was rounded out with musical guest, A Great Big World, who performed their recent hit, Say Something from the album, Is There Anybody Out There?

Overall, Meyers kicked off the new Late Night on a positive note. He held his own and continued with the same style of humor that won him fans on SNL over the years. Perhaps his former role as the head writer for SNL also helped prepare him for the more prominent position as the front man on Late Night.

Editorial by Tracy Rose


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