Shannon Lucid and Jerry Ross to Grace the 2014 Astronaut Hall of Fame

2014 astronaut hall of fame jerry ross and shannon lucid

The Kennedy Space Center is home of the world-famous Astronaut Hall of Fame which is a prestigious and honorable group filled with individuals that have worked towards finding a better future for all of mankind. Two new souls are being added for the year of 2014. Shannon Lucid and Jerry Ross, both astronauts that have put in an extraordinary amount of time into exploration and discovery.

This honor is one that other Astronauts are very proud of, they understand the lengths these individuals have gone through. Dan Brandenstein, a former Hall of Fame inductee spoke about the two saying, “[Lucid and Ross] are extraordinary astronauts who made history as important and frequent crewmembers on shuttle missions.”

Requirements for accepting such an honor include having launched by at least 1996 as a pilot, shuttle commander (NASA-trained), or mission specialist. Those nominated for the Hall of Fame are chosen by a committee of NASA officials, historians, journalists, and flight directors, all of which is headed under the direction of the Astronaut Scholarship Foundation.

May 3 2014 marks the date that Shannon Lucid and Jerry Ross will officially be enshrined into the Astronaut Hall of Fame. A public ceremony in Florida at NASA’s world-famous Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex will honor the two inductees with a number of the institutions astronauts.

In January 1978 Lucid joined NASA’s astronaut corps. She first launched back in 1985 and retired in 2012. She was one of six women to first be selected by NASA as an astronaut. She held records for being the woman with the most hours in orbit, (5,354) until 2007 when Sunita Williams broke the record. Lucid also spent time from 2002-2003 as Chief Scientist at NASA. In 1996 she received the Congressional Space Medal of Honor and in 1993 she was accepted into the Oklahoma Women’s Hall of Fame.

In May 1980 Ross joined NASA’s astronaut corps. He launched for the first time in 1985 and retired in 2012. He was the first to launch into space seven times, matched only by Franklin Chang Diaz. Over the span of his seven space-flight missions, Ross has totaled close to 1,400 hours spent in orbit. Ross is also attributed as the NASA astronaut with the second-highest most spacewalks.

Many know of Lucid for her mission aboard the Mir that lasted for 188 days, it played a role in the creation of the International Space Station. The Galileo robotic probe that made it to Jupiter was also partly due to the help of Lucid. Additionally, she deployed the Tracking and Data Relay Satellite as well as many other communication satellites.

Jerry Ross spent five of his seven launches aboard the orbiter known as Atlantis, the other two were aboard Endeavor and Columbia. Additionally, Ross contributed to building the International Space Station. His list of achievements and contributions is more than staggering.

The Astronaut Hall of Fame will be graced by the addition of Shannon Lucid and Jerry Ross May 3 in Florida at the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex. Both have shown exceptional commitment and effort in their offering towards discovery.

By Garrett Jutte
Huffington Post
North Jersey
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