Shia Labeouf Not the Guy in the Bag?


Could it be possible the Transformers star Shia Labeouf is not actually the guy in the bag? Is there any way that the true identity of the masked man is not really the movie star who played the beloved side kick to Optimus prime? Or could it be that Labeouf, is just not himself?

What happens in the mind when one goes from being ordinary, to having star worshipers and crazed fans nervously gawking at the next step of their favorite celebrity? What about paparazzi flashing fully automatic cameras in one’s face, like military puke lights used in Iraq for interrogating suspected terrorists? It may be easy to judge these people from far away, but as Depeche Mode so eloquently put it, “Try walking in my shoes.”

Labeouf has been centered among a bit of controversy lately, for a number of strange stunts and displays of public weirdness. From being the crazy guy in the brown bag, to consistently saying he is sorry. The “Not famous any more” star recently opened his #IAMSORRY exhibit of exquisite “insanity,” as some have described the event. The show is open to the general public and should carry on through Sunday as scheduled but no guarantees that everyone will get in. However if someone becomes one of the incredibly fortunate fans to make it in, they will be able to grab a toy and sit across from the actor in a darkened room while he sits quietly and cries behind his grocery bag. Sounds like a perfect way to spend a Saturday night, right?

After scores of celebrity public break-downs and many more extreme casualties of the spotlight, including the death of Phillip Seymour Hoffman and several others like him; some Americans are wondering if fame is to blame. Are stories like these becoming more frequent, and will they have an impact on parents, possibly causing them to be more reluctant to push their children in to acting or singing careers. Especially when we see Mickey Mouse Club kids like Britney Spears shaving her head and getting hauled off in an ambulance. Is it more difficult for performers who grew up in the limelight to cope with the pressures of stardom after it’s too late to have what some might call a “normal life?”

LabeoufCould Labeouf 27, former Disney kid himself, be showing similar signs of stress, possibly accounting for some his off the rocker displays of self-expression. Also could someone who is not faced with the challenges of being an American Idol, ever understand what it feels like to be stalked and taunted constantly by bedraggled photographers who sleep in their cars outside of their home desperately hoping to get a shot of them, embarrassingly, in their underwear? Rapper Kanye West likened it to being granted all of life’s finest luxuries, only one must have flies buzzing around the face all of the time.

Who knows? What if Shia Labeouf is not the crazy guy in the bag, but a rather talented actor and the skilled director of a well-orchestrated publicity stunt to promote his new movie Nymphomaniac coming out in march?

By, Aaron Thompson

Entertainment Weekly