Silicone Buttock Injections Earn Woman Manslaughter Verdict


Silicone buttocks enhancement injections have left a woman dead and the woman who provided the referral with a guilty verdict of manslaughter.

Karina Gordon, 37, formerly of Atlanta, GA, wanted what she described as a great butt enhancement. Not unlike other women, she had body image issues that she believed could be handled with cosmetic help. In her haste for perfection, she neglected to do research. Like others who undergo treatment for larger apple-shaped bottoms on the street, she trusted the words of someone claiming to have had the same procedure done.  Trusting what looked good on someone else cost Gordon her life.

Natasha Stewart, of Memphis, TN, was found guilty in her death on Fri. in Jackson, MS. Stewart, who took money totaling $200 in referral fees, was charged with crimes that add up to murder. The charge carries a maximum penalty of life in prison. Jurors took the option of conviction with lesser charges. The sentencing date has not yet been determined.

Reportedly, Stewart is an adult performer. She remained emotionless upon hearing the verdict.

During her testimony, Stewart says Gordon didn’t feel good about her body and that she had previously received injections that were flawed. Under sworn testimony, she claimed she never asked Gordon for money, but that she insisted on giving it to her. Her testimony during the trial was not convincing enough for the jury to overlook  the deadly silicone buttock injections, however, and they earned her the verdict of manslaughter.

Stewart says she believed the woman who gave the injections, Tracey Lynn Garner, whom she accepted money for connecting Gordon with, worked as a professional in the health field. Stewart says she received 20 injections over close to a ten-year period from Garner. Throughout her testimony, Stewart maintained she thought Garner worked in the medical field.

Reportedly, she took $200 to the alleged injector, claiming to Gordon that Garner, also charged, was a health care professional. Gordon’s friend testified that she and Gordon went by airplane in Nov. 2012 to meet Stewart. Stewart later introduced them to Garner. Both were to receive rear-end injections and were excited about the prospect of acquiring a rear end they felt would accelerate their success as hip-hop models. Emails were introduced in court as evidence, with Gordon expressing admiration for the work that Garner had done on Stewart.

Gordon’s friend gave testimony that upon arriving at the home of Garner on March 16, 2012, Gordon changed her mind after seeing the alleged health care professional. Garner, who lives as a woman, had previously undergone gender assignment surgery. Gordon’s friend expressed that she could not get past seeing a man. She elected not to have the procedure done. Gordon, however, went through with the injection of silicone into her rear end and Barber testified that soon after her friend became ill.

Garner is charged with depraved-heart murder in the deaths of Gordon and that of a second woman, Marilyn Hale, of Selma, AL. Her trial is in March and she has entered a plea of not guilty.

A doctor gave testimony Thursday that Gordon’s cause of death on March 24, 2012 was silicone embolism in her lungs. Stewart’s attorney says his client should be found not guilty since no one knew that death would result from the procedure. The prosecution disagrees; they believe that Stewart misrepresented the truth, saying Garner was a qualified as a health care professional and taking money for a referral.

Silicone buttock injections are serious and deadly if performed by the wrong person; they have earned a woman a verdict of manslaughter. In this case, those responsible for the untimely death due to an illegally-done procedure will pay for the crime.

By C. Imani Williams


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