Simon Cowell Loses Show Gains Son

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Simon Cowell recently received some really good news and some maybe not so great news, depending on how you look at it. Earlier this week Cowell tweeted to his millions of followers the news of the cancellation of his US X-Factor show that aired on the FOX network. That is the maybe not so great news. Then on Friday, which happened to be Valentine’s Day, he became a father for the very first time, which is very good news indeed for the well known talent show judge. He and girlfriend Lauren Silverman welcomed a son they named Eric, after Cowell’s father. Do not expect any remorse from the sharp tongued personality as he has no regrets regarding the show’s cancellation. It is pretty apparent from his smiling face that Cowell feels it a fair exchange to lose a show but gain a brand spanking new son!

Cowell has been known in Hollywood circles as the quintessential bachelor and at one time even stated that he had no plans to marry or have children. Well at least one of those plans have been cancelled with the birth of little Eric. It almost goes without saying that the news of baby Eric’s impending birth shocked a lot of people, including the new dad. There was a very public airing of laundry when the bombshell was dropped that he had allegedly impregnated his one time good friend, Andrew Silverman’s then wife, the aforementioned Lauren Silverman. After the news broke there was a flurry of rushed activity resulting in a quickie divorce for Andrew and Lauren.

When the story became public, a visibly upset Andrew Silverman accused both Cowell and Lauren of adultery. Initially Cowell was subpoenaed to appear in court on that charge, but it was eventually dropped during the divorce proceedings. Luckily for all involved, the divorce settlement was handled by a mutual friend, billionaire Sir Phillip Green, CEO of the Arcadia group. Green is actually the party that introduced Cowell to the Silverman’s several years ago and they all remain good mutual friends.

The exception of course is that Mr. Silverman and Cowell are certainly no longer the best of friends, but all parties have agreed to adhere to the unique divorce agreement for the sake of the children as Lauren has a 7-year-old son with now ex-husband Andrew Silverman. Not long after the scandal began to settle down, Cowell and Lauren jetted off on a private vacation that consisted of the happy twosome chartering a yacht to various tropical locales. At the time, Cowell may not have anticipated losing one of his shows, but he was certainly happy to be gaining a son in the deal.

The 54-year old Cowell certainly has his work cut out for him as he gears up for diaper duty. Cowell has expressed his awkwardness when it comes to small babies, but says that he looks forward to doing all sorts of fun things with baby Eric once he is a bit older. Perhaps losing his show will actually free up more of the busy star’s time so that he can spend it bonding with his newly gained son. So congratulations Simon Cowell, the daddy factor has just begun!

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