South Africa’s Need for Real Transformation is Priority

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Former president FW De Klerk stirred emotions among people with his opening speech and the need for real transformation within South Africa. Marking twenty years of democracy, he said the African National Congress (ANC) ruling party discriminated against people based on race.

De Klerk said this is unconstitutional and national reconciliation cannot be attained when the entire constitution is not upheld.

FW De Klerk was the last white South African president and responsible for the unbanning of the ANC and the release of Nelson Mandela from prison. The ANC he said had failed its people by not providing education and employment. He is calling on the government and people who were affected by the change to engage in serious talks. A solution to the multiparty democratic country is a priority for the sake of peace and stability.

Both De Klerk and Mandela shared the Nobel peace prize in 1993 and aimed at transforming this country into a real democracy. The unequal society of South Africa today is the direct failure to transform the country during the last twenty years.

De Klerk was a crucial player in bringing change and transformation to South Africa. The constitution is undermined by the ANC and their policies that destroy the trust of its citizens. The domination of every aspect of society by the ANC was to keep the reins on power. This oppressive act is in direct opposition to the constitution of South Africa to protect the people. The protection of minorities and the terrorism of farmers undermine the failure of democracy.

The vision and commitment by both De Klerk and Mandela to rebuild South Africa into a real democratic country is damaged by the betrayal of the ANC’s political tactics. There is the contention that the ANC entered the negotiations for a new constitution under false pretence. The talk of peace and democracy during the negotiations were not the true intentions of the ANC party. The peace talks were to gain control and manipulate the citizens of South Africa. The lack of democracy is evident, as they increase their control throughout the public sector to maintain their powerful manipulation of the masses.

The failing of equality within the borders of South Africa raise a matter for the well-being of all its citizens. The lack of education and the human rights of citizens is at a risk of being injured to such an extent that reconciliation would be difficult.

The ANC, together with De Klerk, entered negotiations on the understanding of seeking a peaceful solution to the smoldering apartheid era and transform society into democracy. Transformation has failed on the basis that basic human rights, unemployment, education and work have over the past twenty years has declined. The power struggle and dissension within the ANC party to deploy leading members to all strategic positions within the country have undermined the constitution and transformation.

There is no leadership in South Africa today; the inequality remains a constant worry and gives rise to the basic human rights issue. The country is moving backwards, the leaders are not moving forward to change the country for the better.

The second phase transition policy of the ANC is clearly directed against the people of South Africa based on their race, and this is a breakdown of transformation and the purpose of national reconciliation.

Twenty years into a free and fair democracy have shown how the transformation of the ruling party remains divided on an issue related to securing the trust of the masses. A system based on injustice cannot succeed and will fail.

Where is the honor and integrity of the leaders of South Africa today? The deceptive leaders have preyed on the world and the masses of South Africa with racism and deceitfulness to establish a vast electorate.

This is Africa, and South Africa is no different from the rest of the countries on the continent. Africa belongs to the Africans and can real transformation save this country or will the communistic outlook, so deeply embedded within the ANC policies achieve success.

FW De Klerk is correct; it is a priority for talks to commence and real transformation to be structured for the entire country, including the minority groups and farmers. Expectations and transformation are not in line with the ANC strategy and tactics. True freedom for all the people cannot happen when real transformation does not come about for South Africa.

By Laura Oneale


City Press



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