Steve Jobs to Appear on a Postage Stamp

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs may make a return on a postage stamp if the United States Postal Service (UPSP) gets its way. The late Apple mastermind will be placed on the commemorative stamps for 2015, according to a list published by The Washington Post.

The list of names for the upcoming stamps is usually kept secret to avoid too much buzz surrounding the names. However, the list for the next two years has been shown, along with color-coding to determine which ones are in development, which have a design approved and which approved names currently have no approved design. Jobs is currently listed as one of those currently in design.

He is not the only major name on the list. Elvis Presley, James Brown and George Bush Sr. and Jr. are all featured on the list for various years. There are also collections listed, including American Educators and American Women series of stamps. For children and those who want to reminisce about their favorite cartoons, the Peanuts characters and Dora the Explorer are also approved names to make appearances on the postal stamps.

The stamps have traditionally featured cultural, historical or literary greats on them.  CNET couldn’t help but notice the change towards popular culture, which shows a sign that the Postal Service is looking to use that to boost its ratings. With the introduction of technology and the popularity of email and social media, the postal service has seen a dramatic decrease in the number of letters sent each year. Email and social media are quicker and cheaper than sending it through the postal service, which is often dubbed as “snail mail.”

The question is whether Jobs’ appearance on a postage stamp will be enough to help the service. There is some irony in the commemoration of the late Apple CEO when technology is blamed for the drop in number of people using the postal service. He is also the only technological name currently on the list, but there are video games listed for those who love technology.

However, there are still chances that many of the names that are currently on the list will never actually appear. According to Susan McGowan, the executive director for USPS, the list is always “subject to change.” She did not explain why the names would change, but it could be if the designs never get approval in time to be printed and sent out.

There are complaints over the new move towards popular culture, especially from stamp collectors. There is a rule that only Americans will appear on the stamps, but then there is talk of placing John Lennon on one. Lennon was the famously assassinated member of British pop band, The Beatles.

Traditionalist will be happy that there are still some historical and cultural people and items being featured. Some of those include a Black History Month list of men and women, various remembrances of wartime and the anniversary of the US Coast Guard. The move to popular culture, including the possible appearance of Jobs on the postal stamp, will not take away the original attempt to highlight American’s great history and culture.

Editorial by Alexandria Ingham


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