Stroke Causes and Prevention

Stroke causesStudies suggest more Americans need to learn facts and information about Stroke causes and prevention. If people had the answers to some basic questions concerning strokes, they might be able to do to something to keep them from happening. Alarming polls taken suggest far too many Americans honestly do not even know what a stroke is, let alone having any information on  prevention.

Patient Rehabilitation

Stroke is classified by the American Heart Association as a disease. According to their website, what happens in a stroke is when important mandatory oxygen and other essential nutrients in the blood needing to be delivered to the brain via ones arteries, is restricted by either a clot, or burst, which ultimately causes the brain to die along with its cells. Also stated on their site is how Particular body parts may fail to work as they would normally, depending on what area of the brain was denied these necessary factors, and what physical or motor function that part of the brain controlled. Often Stroke patient studies show how stroke causes one side of the body to be affected and the other side may not. Additional information shows Stroke causes speech to be affected as well as body parts, especially in patients who may have had multiple episodes.

Reports from patients show severe frustration as a result of losing function of major relied upon body parts, and, or being unable to communicate their needs to others as a result of their speech being affected, may in turn lead to clinical depression, crippling the quality of life for the individual. Research has also shown that stroke causes many patients to be referred to permanent full time nursing facilities because they are either unable to help themselves in daily matters, such as feeding and dressing themselves or even trying to make their way to the restroom.

Cases have been shown where the family’s primary bread winner suffers from a stroke, and can no longer provide, casting them into great difficulty, especially in cases where the injury was too severe for their spouse or family to take care of them at home and still work outside the home in order to earn money to pay the bills. Patients and their spouses have also noted the cost of nursing care can sometimes  eat up the entire retirement plans of some, leaving elderly spouses with nothing, especially in cases of stay at home wives, where with no retirement of their own, are forced to face another one of the darkest realities that stroke causes; poverty.

Exercise cannot be overemphasized by healthcare professionals. Exercising the body, according to strokedoctors, along with healthy eating habits are essential in reducing the factors that might cause a stroke, also greatly aiding in the prevention of one. The American Heart Association cites sroke as being rated as the fourth cause of death in the United States, and listed as first and foremost in the cause of disability. The National Stroke Association Has stated on their website that fewer than 20 percent of the major hospitals in America are stroke certified, giving causes for many in the U.S. to get involved in the process of Stroke prevention.

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