Taylor Swift Disses Miley Cyrus Says No Need to Go Nude

Taylor Swift Disses Miley Cyrus Says No Need to go Nude

Taylor Swift Disses Miley Cyrus Says No Need to go Nude

Taylor Swift has come right out and called a “spade a spade;” the singer has dissed Miley Cyrus and says that she, Swift, has no need to go nude. Literally one day after Cyrus “bared all” in the American fashion magazine W Swift’s comments to Glamour magazine, for their March issue, have been making headlines.

The 24 year-old philanthropic princess, who has been named the most generous “young” star two years running, said that she would not be taking her shirt off, and furthermore, she had no real desire to do so. So take that Cyrus. There may only be three years difference in the two singer’s ages, but, their images are world’s apart.

Both Swift and Cyrus come from country y’all and while the I Knew You Were Trouble singer willingly, and enthusiastically, acknowledges her country beginnings by not only returning to the genre that spawned her, a variation on the “dance with the guy what brung ya” philosophy but encouraging her old fans to continue to follow her while earning new fans in her cross-over music.

Cyrus, the offspring of Achy Breaky Heart country music singer Billy Ray Cyrus, who is sadly better known for his real “achy breaky heart” marital problems. His on-again-off-again-on-again marriage to Miley’s mother garners more attention than his music. Unlike her dad, Miley did not want to stick to her country roots and after getting a start on Disney’s Hannah Montana, as the lead, she moved toward the genre of bubblegum pop…with an edge. This type of music seemed to be too much like her sickly sweet Hannah Montana character so she opted for more gritty almost trashy rock.

While Cyrus has been twerking her little behind off and showing enough skin to be offered the lead in any independent soft porn film, Swift has been acting like a lady. Class will always stand the test and Taylor topped the charts again last year with her million dollar gift to the Grand Ole Opry where she got her start. Swift knows full well that those good old boys and girls at the Opry supported her “way back when” and she’s grateful.

Taylor Swift tells Glamour that the only revealing that she is willing to do is by living her life through her music. Telling of her experiences and if the lyrics get a bit risky, so be it. She then seems to be dissing Miley Cyrus by saying that in her opinion her music is more revealing than if she took her shirt off. Something that Swift has said will not happen.

It is a relief, and a pleasure, to read an interview by another young star who doesn’t feel the need to litter her interview with f**k and s**t and relate how much they like weed and laying around the house watching their giant TV, yo. It could be said that Swift has it together more than Cyrus because of their age difference. However taking the time to look back at the All Too Well singer’s earlier years it would be very difficult to find any errant Cyrus-ish type behaviour.

Look at the “debt” that Taylor feels she owes the Grand Ole Opry folks; it almost makes fans of the singer feel proud of her attempt to give back to the institution. Cyrus on the other hand has done nothing but complain and put down the Disney “institution” that gave her that big break. Certainly the former children’s television star had it that bit tougher than Swift. Miley had to pretend to be that “nice girl” who would “never grow up” – or grow boobs as Miley bitterly complained in one interview – and there could be some room for empathy if not for the fact that Disney gave Cyrus her start.

Taylor Swift changed her genre almost effortlessly, moving easily from country music to rock/pop without missing a beat. Miley Cyrus has gone from bubblegum pop to Lord-knows-what. Tracy Lord wannabe, the next musical Jenna Jameson? Does anyone honestly care that Cyrus has feminists pulling their hair out by doing the very thing that they fought against. The simple answer is no. Swift apparently dissing Cyrus in her Glamour spread is just the philanthropic young star stating the obvious; there is no need to go nude…if you have enough talent. Just ask Taylor Swift.

By Michael Smith


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