Ted Nugent Showed Lack of Judgement

NugentMusician Ted Nugent has raised the ire of the public lately with his inflammatory remarks toward President Barack Obama. Besides being obviously offensive, the remarks showed a lack of judgement on Nugent’s part. The sad thing is, if he wants people to share his beliefs, being offensive is not the way to go.

It is certainly true that people in today’s society tend to be rather sensitive. However, calling someone a “mongrel” as Nugent did was obviously a bad idea and there should not really have been any question about whether to utter such words. One should know that there are just certain things that cannot be said in public.

Obviously, Nugent has the right to believe and say whatever he wants, but that does not mean he should not show restraint. Nugent also suggested that Obama is a communist. To be fair, Obama is certainly very much in favor of a large and powerful central government. However, that does not exactly qualify him to be a communist.

Obama’s view on the role of government is something that ought to be continually emphasized, but it can be done in such a way so as to not attract unnecessary anger. People often get upset enough when they disagree about something, so there is really no reason to unduly provoke them.

It was language like “mongrel” and “sub-human” that really landed Nugent in hot water. Nugent has since tried to back away from those words, at least slightly. He seemed to indicate that his language was not meant to be taken as being racist. The trouble is, attempting to explain that after the fact seems rather lame. Even if Nugent’s statement truly was not intended to be a racial slur, he had to know that many people would read it as such.

Nugent communicated on Twitter that there are multiple things about the Obama Administration that he finds offensive. A fair point perhaps, but his rhetoric makes it less likely that people will listen.

Nugent showed a lack of judgement that not only reflected poorly on him, but could eventually cause problems for others who hold conservative beliefs. Nugent appeared at multiple campaign events with Greg Abbott. Abbott is a possible candidate for governor in Texas. While Nugent’s presence might have helped Abbott initially, the Attorney General of Texas is now getting the wrong kind of attention. Now Abbott must deal with the fallout resulting from Nugent’s less than prudent comments.

Other Republicans have shied away from coming to Nugent’s defense. Current Texas Governor Rick Perry said that Nugent should not have used such words about the President of the United States. Of course, it should not matter who the target of Nugent’s language was. Senators John McCain and Rand Paul have both stated that such rhetoric does not belong in politics. They are probably right to distance themselves from Nugent’s statements.

Nugent showed a rather severe lack of judgement in his statements about Obama. It is unclear what sort of political ramifications there will be because of this. The musician’s comments could end up being bad news for some Republicans.

Editorial By Zach Kirkman

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