‘The Lego Movie’ to Hold Off ‘RoboCop’

The Lego Movie

A flashback from the 80s looks unlikely to stop The Lego Movie this weekend at the box office. The blockbuster animated smash hit is up against four new offerings, three of which are remakes of films originally released in the 1980s. The Lego Movie is expected to be able to easily hold off the likes of Robocop, Endless Love and About Last Night for the number one spot at the domestic box office this holiday weekend. The all-ages comedy has grossed over $77 million since opening on February 7.

The Lego Movie has been on quite a roll since opening last Friday. The animated comedy holds the record for the second largest opening weekend ever during the month of February when it cashed-in over $69 million last weekend in ticket sales domestically. The Lego Movie’s production budget was only a reported $60 million and at this pace will end up being one of the highest grossing films of 2014 come the year’s end. Warner Brothers has already announced plans for the sequel to begin production. The Lego Movie is expected to hold off RoboCop and the other wide releases as it is currently tracking to make over $45 million during the holiday weekend.

This new version of RoboCop is directed by Jose Padilha of Elite Squad fame. The PG-13 remake of the Paul Verhoeven classic stood the best chance going into the weekend, though it will likely have to settle for second place. The science-fiction-action film opened on Wednesday, Feb. 12 in 3,372 theaters and grossed nearly $3 million in its opening night. The film stars Joel Kinnaman as the cybernetic police officer and features Gary Oldman, Michael Keaton and Samuel L Jackson in lead roles.The RoboCop remake was made for a reported $130 million and is expected to grossed between $35-$38 million over the course of the four-day weekend.

Sony Pictures Screen Gems’ will release the remake of About Last Night starring Kevin Hart and Regina Hall. The studio has high hopes for the romantic comedy as Kevin Hart  just lead Universal’s Ride Along to pass the $100 million mark domestically. The film is a remake of the Edward Zwick directed About Last Night… starring Rob Lowe, Demi Moore and Jim Belushi. Originally based off of a play by David Mamet entitled Sexually Perversity In Chicago, About Last Night follows two new couples from the bar to the bedroom as they struggle to deal with the responsibilities of starting a relationship. The film is expected to gross around $25 million over the holiday weekend.

The final 80s remake opening wide this weekend is Universal’s Endless Love. Based off of the 1981 film directed by Franco Zeffirelli, Endless Love tells the tale of a privileged young girl whose love affair sends outrage throughout her family. The original film starred Brooke Shields and featured a young Tom Cruise in a small role. Endless Love is also notable for its very famous theme song sung by Diane Ross and Lionel Richie. The remake stars Gabriella Wilde and Alex Pettyfer as the young passionate lovers. Endless Love is expected to gross in the mid-teens over the four-day weekend.

The last wide release is the directorial debut from a long-working Hollywood screenwriter. Akiva Goldsman has been responsible for screenplays of I Am Legend, The Da Vinci Code, Batman & Robin and I, Robot, amongst others. In 2001, Goldsman won an Academy award for his work on A Beautiful Mind. His debut film is based upon a 1983 novel by Mark Halprin and stars Colin Farrell as a burglar that falls for an heiress as she dies in his arms. When the burglar learns he has the ability of reincarnation, he sets out on a quest to save her. The film is currently being critically trashed and is not expected to cross the $10 million mark over the holiday weekend.

The Lego Movie should have no problems holding off RoboCop and its other new competition to easily win the box office weekend. The animated smash hit will face off against Kevin Costner in 3 Days To Kill as well as Paul W.S. Anderson’s Pompeii next and see if it can make it three weeks in a row on top of the box office charts.

By Benjamin Murray


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