The Universe Is Just a Computer Simulation?

The Universe is Just a Computer Simulation?

The universe is just a computer simulation according to some mathematical understanding. Mathematics is unlike any other kind of knowledge on planet Earth and the truths it holds are necessary, timeless and objective and so because of this, it is believed that mathematical objects could exist in their own realm. Do they actually reside someplace, or are they only creations from the mind of human beings? Such questions have caused great divides between scientists for eras.

Such a concept might sound creepy that mathematical beings truly could exist somewhere. But if math is an invention of the human mind, how do humans agree on the same mathematical concepts? There are individuals who think mathematical objects are similar to the parts of a chess game, just ornate fiction within an item created by human beings. However unlike chess, mathematics is vital to scientific theories which describe the entire solar system.

Mathematical ideas and theories produce a reality of their own, in which humans are unable to see. They also cannot change or produce but can describe and perceive what they see. Yet if this is reality, how do human beings access such a supposed reality? That is unknown but one possibility is that everyone is living in a giant computer replication which has been created on the laws of mathematics. Such a belief states that an extremely advanced computer programmer that lives in the future created the computer simulation humans today unknowingly live in. When an individual happens to figure out a certain mathematical certainty, humans have basically happened onto another aspect of computer code the programmer has used.

Such an idea probably sounds crazy but an Oxford philosopher by the name of Nick Bostrom argues that humans are probably more likely to be living in a simulation than not to be. If these mockups are possible in principle, he reasons, then humans will make them as well. If so, eventually there will be many simulated worlds. This may sound either extremely clever or pure science fiction but is there a way to test such suggestions?

There might be. There was a recent science paper published, that was written by the physicists Silas R. Beane, Zohreh Davoudi and Martin J. Savage. In it they wrote out a potential method in order to detect how the world is really a computer simulation. Physicists have been making computer simulations of natural forces for years. However, such computer simulations generate small but distinctive irregularities. Scientists wonder if they might be able to find the same unique anomalies in the real universe. In their paper, they wrote about taking a closer look at cosmic rays that come from outside the solar system. These could show asymmetries. If they were revealed, this might show that the world just might be in another beings computer simulation.

Such an idea is still mostly out on the idea of the simulation theory. However, even if such an idea proves to actually be nothing but science fiction, the likelihood of the absolute nature of mathematical ideas will forever remain. It could one day hold the key to understanding what reality really is. Mathematical understanding is unlike any other kind of knowledge on planet Earth and the truths it holds are necessary, timeless and objective.

By Kimberly Ruble


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