Thiago Silva Released by UFC After Police SWAT Confrontation

Thiago Silva

Thiago Silva may never step into an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) cage ever again, after being released by UFC for his Thursday night standoff with a Police and SWAT team. A highly intoxicated Thiago drove to the Pablo Popovitch Martial Arts Academy to confront his ex-wife, Thaysa Silva; where the former light heavyweight contender allegedly pulled out a pistol and threatened to walk into the academy and shoot everyone in sight unless she brought out her current love interest, Pablo Popovitch. Pablo came out briefly to discover Thiago was armed and immediately ran back inside and called the police. Thiago fled the scene back to his current residence, and as police arrived he was seen to have given the police the middle finger and barricaded himself inside his home. The SWAT team convince Silva to exit his home but could not convince the fighter to give in, resulting in Thiago having to be tasered  to compliance.

There were many occurrences leading up to the events Thursday night, Thaysa warned the police previously of Thiago’s violent confrontations in the recent days leading to Thursday. Just a week before, Thiago and his ex-wife had an altercation which escalated to Silva putting a silver revolver in Thaysa’s mouth and threatening to kill her. Even just the day before the SWAT team cuffed him, Thiago sent his ex-wife threatening texts, saying he would hire someone to kill her, then move his current girlfriend into her residence. Thiago was at first charged twice for attempted murder but judge John Hurley decided to reduce the charges to two counts of Thiago Silvaaggravated assault with a firearm. The Judge also denied the former UFC fighter to be released on bail, deeming Silva may still be a threat.

Controversy has always seemed to revolve around the brash Brazilian fighter, and never avoided trouble, even with the UFC. In his extended stint with the organization, Thiago failed two drug tests in which both fights were changed from victories to no contests, and Silva was  issued a one-year suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commission. Despite his natural talent and boasting confidence, the fighter had to continuously withdraw from many fights due to injuries as well, ending most likely a very disappointing career for the fighter inside the octagon.

The UFC president Dana White has recently commented on Twitter that Thiago Silva will be released and never fight for the UFC again. He has scratched the bout he was set to have in Dallas, Texas on March 15th. He will now look for another opponent to take on Ovince St. Preux at UFC 171.  The fight was scheduled to be on the main card that includes a bout for the number one contender spot for the UFC welterweight division; and also will decide who will be the next UFC welterweight champion after Georges St. Pierre vacated the belt not long ago. As many fans can tell Thiago Silva’s life may have been on a wild roller coaster ride seemingly before the confrontation with the police and SWAT teams, but one thing has been made very clear; the UFC will not tolerate any actions of the sort and anybody who does so will never again see the bright lights hanging over the octagon cage.

By Justin Huffman

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