Thicke-Patton Separation Cause: Too Many Blurred Lines


Thicke saw too many blurred lines and forgot he was married. This may be the cause for the Thicke-Patton separation. Who knows how far an ego can stretch while getting a green light from a 20-year old with a fresh face and easily accessible rear end, both of which belong to Lara Scolaro. It is possible, Thicke didn’t realize he was standing in front of a mirror and that cameras would catch him with a firm grip on Scolaro’s tush. Even still, it speaks to impropriety on his part. It may have been a bit much for cameras even if the flick was captured with Thicke’s hand on his wife’s bottom, as tight as the grip appeared. That it was someone other than his wife is way over the top.

This could be what moved the couple to separate, especially since the infraction followed so close to his silent go ahead to Miley Cyrus as she backed her just-past-teenage-behind into his pelvis area during the VMA’s.

Interestingly, both Cyrus and Scolaro are just past their teenage years. The question is why anyone would throw away a loving relationship when mutual love is so hard to come by? Thicke and Patton were teenage lovers and have been married for nine years.

Surely the man knows that it is not ever cool to cheat and even less so on a stage with millions of viewers taking it in.

Scolaro says she feels bad about the picture but she is open to a date with Thicke, since he’s separated from his wife. Wow. If a butt grope is welcome before a person separates from one’s wife, then it isn’t hard to figure out what the details of a “real date” promise to bring.

Never mind that separated doesn’t mean divorced. If Thicke and Patton decide to work things out, they both need to take time alone to figure out what they want. Scolaro is making herself available and Thicke seems ready for new offers.

Both Scolaro and Cyrus have used youthful prowess to make moves on a married man. Youthful prowess that apparently does not inhibit nor prohibit them from blurring lines and getting touchy-feely. Boundaries do not seem to be a mainstay of anyone other than Patton. Listen up, Mr. Sexy Thicke man, it is okay to pass on advances. Many believe the grass is always greener on the other side; however, that isn’t always the case. Inappropriate flirting and ego cause too many blurred lines and may be the reason for the Thicke-Patton separation.

The couple announced that they are still good friends and remain amicable. The real winner is the couple’s three-year old son Julian. Both parents are devoted to him. Thicke was spotted with son in tow at Disneyland over the weekend.

Patton, 38, will be fine. The public loves her and reports point to her coming out of this on top. No one should have to face public humiliation of a cheating spouse.

Thicke, 36, is losing out by not taking time for self-reflection before giving in to attention and plunging into new territory. In this case, to many blurred lines while moving quickly are the likely the cause for the Thicke-Patton separation.

By C. Imani Williams



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