UFC Legitimizes Sport With TRT Ban


So long are the days of testosterone therapy in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. Nearly minutes after the Nevada State Athletic Commission (NSAC) passed the motion to ban the therapeutic practice, the UFC immediately followed their home state’s coat tails, legitimizing the sport and taking away one of the most highly scrutinized notions previously allowed in the organization. The ban on the usage will extend out further then just in Nevada. The organization will ban usage in every city, state, and country an event will be held. Many fighters have been clamoring for a fair playing field in the UFC and now it looks like their wish has been granted.

Numbers of the testosterone therapy have gone rapidly up in the sport recent years. The treatment has been used by some of the top contenders in organization, and may still be even used as of right now leading up to future fight cards. One of the biggest cards coming in the near future holds one of their main event stars that has been known to use the exemption in Brazil. Vitor Belfort has been for ever linked to the steroid debacle since his suspension in UFCthe Pride organization in 2006. Belfort has been receiving TRT therapy in his home country, Brazil, and has not fought outside of his country since he lost his light heavyweight title bout with Jon Jones, back in 2012. He is now scheduled to fight current UFC middleweight champion, Chris Weidman, in May and it is unknown to whether this legitimized ruling may come to affect his future outcome, or lead to a suspension from the UFC if he so happens to fail the post fight drug test.

Other notable fighters to be known to use the replacement therapy are none other than Chael Sonnen, Frank Mir, Forrest Griffin, and Dan Henderson. All notable fighters who have won or at least fought for a championship title in the organization. The president of the organization, Dana White, felt this was extremely necessary to help improve a sport that has seen an extreme increase in popularity in recent years.  Stating that the fighters on the companies roster need to fight with their god given natural ability, and he also encouraged all other commissions to follow suit in the TRT ban. Some of the arguments made for the usage of the treatment stems from injuries inside the octagon. Anything from head trauma caused during a bout, to ligament injuries, but the NSAC states they are only seeing Mixed Martial Arts cases needed to be granted; none of which are boxing and which would negate the fact of head trauma arguments. There may be many arguments to be had in the near future between these certain fighters and the UFC but many have a feeling the fighters will not come out as victors in this one. 95% of the roster demand an even fight, and with the UFC taking a drastic step to legitimize their sport; it looks like these fighters will get it. No more uneven playing fields, and no more TRT criticism to be had, the organization can now focus on further expanding their brand into their bright future ahead.

By Justin Huffman


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