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The Vatican has been told by the United Nations (U.N.) to remove all sex offenders from their designations in a committee hearing held this Wednesday, February 5, 2014.  The U.N. admonished the Vatican to turn the sex offenders in to law enforcement so they could be held accountable for their concealed sexual misconduct.  The U.N. further scolded the Vatican that it should not be concealing the sex offenders or their sexual acts.  The U.N. report criticized the Vatican’s behavior and policies on issues such as homosexuality, abortion and contraception.

The United Nations panel on the Rights of the Child (CRC) stressed that the Roman Catholic Church must give up the concealed records of the church bishops, the clergy and other church officials and their committed sexual crimes.  The Vatican’s ignorance and neglect has raised concerns over child sexual abuse committed by the clergy globally under the Vatican power.  According to the report, thousands of children have suffered sexual abuse from the religious clerics. Internationally, many children are in danger of getting abused, and many others are in contact with the sexual offenders.   The U.N. has scolded the Vatican and told them to hand over the identities of sexual offenders for punishment for their crimes, and remove them from their ranks so as not to cover up their sexual misconduct.

The Human Rights Organization claims the abuse and sexual exploitation saturates tension between nations and prevents the creation of pure unity.  Furthermore, Pope Francis has been admonished by the United Nations’ committee to make concrete reforms to the handling of the sexual abuse cases and the sex offenders.  Pope Francis created a Vatican commission in December to investigate  sexual offenders and the sexual abuse in the Church; however, it needs added momentum to the process to achieve results.  Nevertheless, the Roman Catholic Church or any church around the world should not become sightless to the acts of the pedophiles, the U.N. says that these offenders should be removed from all their ranks and turned over to law enforcement for the punishment of their sexual acts. In the past, many accused church officials were unidentified, their sexual misconduct was masked and they returned to their designations without any serious punishment.

In 2008, Pope Benedict XVI asked for forgiveness while he visited the United States.  It was this that caught the church’s eye about the broiling issues underneath.  The U.N. Secretary General, Ban Ki-Moon submitted the matters of sexual exploitation to the committee when he saw the crimes his “peacemaker” priests committed in Congo.

The U.N. scolds the Vatican on allowing such horrendous acts to occur without taking any notice.  The Vatican clarified that the reports were outdated and said that the Church has already been working on reforms.  However, the U.N. panel disapproves of the Church’s old and recent practices.  Apart from the sexual abuse and sex offenders’ matter, the Vatican was also scolded by the UN committee to amend its policies on abortion issues, incest, and allowing pregnant girls to get an abortion in case of rape or when their life is at risk.  The United State Conference of Catholic Bishops spokeswoman, Sister Mary Walsh, in her blog said that the investigation report “weakened” when the U.N. panel included such subjects of cultural war.  The United Nations vehemently scolds the Vatican to stop interfering with  victim’s advocates or manipulating victims into agreements of silence or confidentiality, saying that the Church needs to persecute the sexual offenders, and turn them in so they are punished for their sexual crimes.

By Iqra Amjad


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