Valentine’s Day: A Guide for Men

valentine s day

Some women admit that they are a sucker for love and embrace Valentine’s Day, while others choose to believe that the celebration with a hint of merchandise does not characterize a relationship, but most of them utter that this occasion should be accompanied by a guide for men. Irrespective of what women believe, studies made by online dating companies show that this celebration is for women what Super Bowl is for men, namely a yearly chance to a day of relaxation and indulgence.

Valentine’s Day may be a happy celebration for women, but men are, more often than not  tormented with the timeless question “What to buy?.” Even if some women claim that this occasion has been created for single people who are looking for love, they could be secretly wishing for a sign of commitment, depending on the relationship’s length. Newer relationships that have not passed the first 12 months might seem harder to please on February 14, but posting a message on the woman’s Facebook page or inviting her to a movie night could go wrong. Instead, dinning out and buying gourmet chocolate are a plus, provided that they come together.

Valentine’s Day is felt and celebrated  differently by couples who’ve been in a relationship for over a year, but some mistakes that men systematically make are either asking their better halves what they would like to receive, buying kitchen apparatus or skipping the occasion. Most self-help books which have the woman as a centerpiece emphasize the fact that no matter how vocal they are with regard to Valentine’s Day and its useless meaning, a spontaneous gift that has presumably no connection with the celebration can work wonders. Either simulating the first date or spending the evening at home could say more than the three words that people generally abuse of on this day.

Time found out that men’s desire for Valentine’s Day is reduced at sex, but women seem to yearn for more although a survey carries out by the National Retail Federation showed that the number of people who wish to celebrate this day has fallen from last year’s 60 percent to this year’s 56 percent. Another survey realized by Chace turned the days prior to Valentine’s Day into a guide for men and revealed the fact that women prefer chocolate to flowers, dinner out to home-cooked meal and tech toys to jewelry.

More Ideas

February 14 has evolved from love letters and “I love you” to gift cards, diamonds and getaways but all is possible with Bitcoin. Valentine’s Day can now be transformed into a memorable occasion with the help of technology; purchasing an item from an auction or booking a hotel room in Las Vegas with virtual currency is not only a change for the better for those who literally count money while hunting for a present, but also a good way of spending the extra change in the virtual wallet.

Above all, Valentine’s Day should not be about frustration, fights, spreading on the guilt or joking around. The guide for men on this occasion targets behavior and although this day could sound like a quiz for men who strive to get to know their girlfriends, nothing says “I love you” better than a simple gesture.

By Gabriela Motroc



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