‘Walking Dead’ Claimed: Suspenseful With New Threats

walking deadAs the fourth season of The Walking Dead continues, episode 11, titled Claimed, introduces new threats to the group. And if one word could sum up the episode, it is suspenseful. It felt different from previous episodes. While The Walking Dead is not free from drama, by any means, this episode took it to another level that had fans on the edge of their seats.

Michonne and Carl bond while out hunting for supplies. She agrees to share with him, one question at a time, after each room in the house is cleared from walkers. He is the first in the group to learn anything about her life before the zombie apocalypse, including that of her son, Andre. At the same time that Carl is fighting his anger over his perceived loss of Judith, Michonne protects him from seeing a family that had an apparent suicide pact to escape the crazy post-apocalyptic world.

Meanwhile, Rick stays at the house in an attempt to get his strength back. Unfortunately his strength is tested and he is immediately on his toes and having to fight for his life. He awakens in the bedroom, only to hear people taking downstairs. He hears on guy get killed, then hides under the bed while a second man comes in and lies on the bed. A third man enters the room, and after arguing over who gets the bed, he takes out his companion and takes the bed for himself. Rick is sweating bullets and the suspense is palpable. He manages to escape for the moment, but one wonders how he could possible get out of the house when the men seem to be everywhere.

He darts into a bathroom where another one of the guys is and struggles to choke him out. After grabbing his gun, he finally makes his way out of an upstairs window, takes a good fall and sneaks around the house. He catches Carl and Michonne just as they arrive back from their trip to gather supplies. They head in the direction of the rest of the group – along the tracks.

Several hours away, Glenn wakes up on the back of an army truck. He insists that they stop so he can go back and find Maggie. Then the three characters that were briefly introduced on last week’s Walking Dead get out the truck. Abraham, the strongman of the trio, tries to talk Glenn into staying with them and going to D.C. He says they need to stay together like “Wet on water.” They are on a mission to save the world, but Glenn is only concerned about saving his wife. After a scuffle with a large group of walkers, the truck is not drivable and the trio follows Glenn and his new pal, Tara. It becomes clear that Eugene, the scientist with all the answers, is the real leader of the group. Though Abraham brings a sense of humor to the show, it is not clear at this point whether he and his companions are an ally or a threat.

As if surviving walkers is not enough, the group could possible be heading directly into a trap. Since the mid-season premiere, the characters, in their smaller sub-groups, have all been intrigued by the signs pointing to a place that promises safety. Whether Terminus is a safe place for them is yet to be determined, but it appears that they are all heading in that direction.

As usual, The Walking Dead leaves viewers in suspense, wondering how the characters will survive. Who are the new men that Rick encountered in Claimed? How will the group evade the new threats? Will Terminus be a safe haven for the characters that end up there? The promo that focuses on Daryl and Beth does not shed any light on these topics.

Review by Tracy Rose


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