Walking Dead Running Live With AMC

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The AMC Network is running live as its expecting another spike in its viewers as one of its premiere original series, The Walking Dead, gears up to start with its highly anticipated fourth season. The network has been gaining a well-known following behind its numerous original series from The Walking Dead to the best-rated show of the past year, Breaking Bad, amongst a host of other premiering and continuing titles.

For anyone living beneath a rock, The Walking Dead focuses around a group of survivors of a widespread zombie apocalypse that has damned a large majority of humanity and left small groups of survivors to band together pooling their resources and skills for their subsistence. With all the hype and pop culture focus around zombies, not to mention the viral video of the cannibalistic attack on the train in China and the bath salt craze, AMC’s ratings are running live as The Walking Dead and other original series cater to a large audience with specific genres and tastes in mind.

AMC’s ratings have definitely spiked with its barrage of top-rated programming. The Walking Dead has continuously topped its ratings as the most watched show on television according to Forbes, leaping over Breaking Bad’s Season Finale ratings of 10.4 million viewers with 12.4 million viewers for its season three finale. The season four premiere has pushed the envelope bounds forward with a reported 16.1 million viewers as the most watched show in present times.

The show has obviously been receiving a wealth of acclaim, as there was also a recent dispute between the network and the creators of the zombie series over profits. The creator claims to be owed millions of dollars in profits. Frank Darabont filed a claim with accusations that he has not received a single dollar from the hit series that he adapted from Robert Kirkman’s comic book series. Darabont accuses the network of ‘self-dealing’ as the parent company that produces and broadcast the show.

While the head of the monster responsible for creating the hit show fights with itself, Saturday morning a number of Xbox users were blessed with an early showing of the season four premiere episode nine. AMC claimed responsibility for the blunder but made no comment on how the incident occurred.

In Manhattan’s Union Square in New York, a zombie prank reminded New Yorkers and the rest of the world with a prank and viral video to revamp the series premiere. Several made-up actors were tucked beneath a subway grate where unwary bystanders were shocked by reaching arms and ghoulishly convincing actors. With all the press and the advertising fixated on the premiere, it seems that another record-breaking season is on the way for the AMC network.

Besides The Walking Dead, AMC’s hosting of several original series secures that it will continue running live in the ratings and with the fans. With ratings like 16.1 million viewers for this season’s premiere, the possibility that AMC will continue to rank amongst the most watched networks will endure as long it continues to strike the fans’ fancies with its highly anticipated original series.

By Michael Augustine

NY Daily News

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