Wendy Deng’s Big Crush on Tony Blair

Wendy Deng’s Big Crush on Tony BlairHe may be an unlikely Lothario to some, but to Wendy Deng, it appears Tony Blair is nothing short of a dreamboat. She appears to have had a big crush on him. In a note published in the March issue of Vanity Fair, allegedly exposing her feelings for the former British Prime Minister, Rupert Murdoch’s former wife gushes about Blair’s attributes.  Foremost among these are his “Blue eyes which I love,” which was written in broken English as “pierce blue eyes.” Much of the note is similarly inchoate, a jumble of adoring words similar to what a schoolgirl would pen.

Deng’s note reads like the confession of a woman infatuated, and now it emerges that she made several efforts to arrange to spend time alone with Blair.  She twice invited him to the Murdoch ranch in Carmel, forgetting to mention that her husband would not be there at the time.  When Blair questioned the staff as to when Murdoch would be expected, he is said to have rolled his eyes and looked panicked when he found he was to be the sole company of his hostess. Blair is a long-time family friend and godfather to Murdoch’s elder daughter, Grace.

As well as the piercing blue eyes, Deng very much admired Blair’s “really really good legs” and his butt. Blair’s complexion, power as an orator and “what else what else what else” are all sources of Deng’s gushing praise.

Despite the note in Vanity Fair, introduced as “steamy” and “lovelorn,” both Deng and Blair have denied an affair. A statement from the Murdoch camp says that given the “complicated dynamics” of the Murdoch family, they would not be responding to “public allegations.” But it is evident Wendy Deng had a big crush on Tony Blair.

Given the ongoing revelations in the UK phone hacking trial, it must be assumed that those involved in this alleged love triangle are grateful not to have had their phone messages intercepted. The story certainly does contain many elements commonly featured in Murdoch’s tabloid publications: money, sex, power and fame.

Deng appeared to be a devoted and fiercely protective wife when she leapt to Murdoch’s defense during the Leveson Inquiry, which preceded the current court proceedings. When a protestor approached the media magnate with a foam pie, intending to smash it into Murdoch’s face, Deng executed a martial arts maneuver, deflecting the would-be assailant. The incident made her an international sensation.

It is now being rumored that talk of Deng’s feelings for Blair was the final straw for the octogenarian Murdoch. Their divorce was November 2013.  In addition to the weekend in Carmel in October 2012, sources have identified other occasions in which Deng and Blair were seen together including on a private yacht, at the Carlyle Hotel in New York and at the Murdoch London residence. There was also another reported weekend at the ranch in April last year.

Friends of Blair have commented that he was aware that Deng had become emotionally dependent upon him while she was going through her difficult divorce from Murdoch the multimillionaire, who is one of the richest men in America. Thus, Blair felt unable to turn away from her during her time of need. Deng and Murdoch were married for 14 years; he was 68 and she was 30 at the time of their wedding.  The elderly tycoon is now said to feel “betrayed” by Blair, whom he considered a close personal friend and political ally.

Deng’s infatuated note also reads “Oh, s**t, oh, s**t … Whatever why I’m so so missing Tony.” She remarks again on Blair’s “good body” and how he dresses so well and is “so so charming.”  If Wendy Deng did indeed write this paean to the balding Tony Blair, it seems she had a big crush on him, to say the least.

By Kate Henderson


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