Wisconsin Baby Snatched From Sleeping Parents Remains Missing

 Wisconsin baby snatched from sleeping parents remains missing

Federal investigators have now joined the hunt for a six-day-old infant, snatched from his bassinette while his parents were asleep in the same room. At around 4:30 a.m. on Thursday morning, upon realizing the baby was missing, the child’s mother – Brianna Marshall – contacted the police. Authorities have confirmed the kidnapping took place in the Town of Beloit, in southern Wisconsin.

On Thursday, police officials claimed that around 40 officers were involved in hunting down the missing infant, named Kayden Powell. Officers from local, federal and state law enforcement agencies immediately launched an investigation into the crime. Unfortunately, at this time, no suspects have been identified, or arrests made, and the child remains missing. Beloit Police Chief Steve Kopp recently discussed the progress of their investigation:

“Investigators continue to evaluate the information being compiled, but at this time no suspects have been identified and no arrests have been made.”

The Rock County Sheriff’s Office has already dispatched numerous members of staff to the crime scene, including a special investigations unit. The Wisconsin Department of Justice are also assisting local authorities, along with members of the FBI.

Another woman is said to have been at the house at around 1:30 a.m., Thursday – the last time the parents saw their baby. Identified as the infant’s step-aunt, Kristin Smith, the female is not currently said to be a person of interest, according to Kopp.

Smith was visiting the property on Wednesday, before leaving to return to her Colorado home the following day. Police were able to make contact with the woman on her cellphone. She then pulled off the highway in Iowa and was arrested in West Branch on unrelated charges, stemming from an outstanding warrant that was issued in Texas. Smith, who was found carrying baby garments at the time of her arrest, has not been charged in connection with Kayden’s disappearance; meanwhile, Smith is due to be question by the FBI.

Kopp confirmed that Brianna Marshall and her husband, Bruce Powell, were staying at the property at the time of the kidnapping. The police were also continuing to scour the area for witnesses, who were in the region during Wednesday night.

The police have, thus far, questioned a number of people staying at the property when the kidnapping occurred, including Kayden’s mother and father, Brianna Marshall’s brother and Kayden’s great-grandmother. The home has been canvassed for evidence relating to the kidnapping, but no signs of forced entry have been unearthed. As part of the intensive investigation, officers are searching through dumpsters and interviewing neighboring residents.

According to the Daily Mail, a “person of interest” was detained in Iowa, yesterday afternoon. The police stated that the individual is not a suspect, however.

The listed homeowner of the Town of Beloit property, that Marshall and Powell were staying in, is 46-year-old Mark Bennett – the young baby’s grand-uncle. Bennett – who is alleged to have a string of arrests, associated with criminal misdemeanors and battery – claims he is “devastated” by Kayden’s disappearance.

Meanwhile, an AMBER Alert is yet to be issued. Kopp claims Kayden does not fit the criteria for such an alert, maintaining there to be insufficient evidence that the child is at risk of death or injury. He also points out that the physical descriptions of the kidnapper and kidnapper’s vehicle remain incomplete.

By James Fenner


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