Woody Allen to Answer Dylan Farrow’s Claims in New York Times Op-Ed?


Will Woody Allen finally have his say and answer Dylan Farrow’s claims? It’s being reported that Allen’s camp has asked the New York Times to publish an op-ed written by Allen which will be a response to the open letter Farrow published there last week. In her letter, she accused Allen of sexually molesting her when she was seven years old at her family’s home in August 1992. The letter, which reiterated Mia Farrow’s earlier claims that her daughter had been victimized by Allen, reopened old wounds and set off a firestorm of both support and criticism on social media as well as in hundreds of publications.

Earlier today, it was reported that the New York Times is considering publishing a rebuttal written by Allen that will directly address and presumably refute Dylan Farrow’s claims. It’s not guaranteed that the Times will end up accepting the piece because it still has to go through the editorial process; a routine step when the paper considers any op-ed piece.

The Times says that publishing a direct response such as the one Allen will pen goes against their normal publishing policies, but due to the “personal” nature of the situation, they feel they ought to do so. They are reporting that the rebuttal piece could appear sometime within the next couple of days.

Allen has consistently denied that he ever molested his daughter. In an interview he gave to 60 Minutes in 1992, when the initial allegations were made, Allen called Dylan’s claims “a total non-event.” He said he went to the house that day, played with the kids and had a wonderful time. He also said the thought he could be a child molester was “insane.” Allen later willingly took a polygraph test regarding the allegations, and he passed. Mia Farrow did not take a polygraph test. These and other pieces of information relating to the case might be addressed if Woody Allen gets a chance to answer Dylan Farrow’s claims in the New York Times op-ed piece he’s planning to write.

That same day Dylan says Allen assaulted her, Mia Farrow was not at the home. Instead, there were several nannies there who were in charge of watching the children. One of the nannies told investigators that Dylan was not out of her site for longer than five minutes that day, while another nanny said she felt a lot of pressure from Mia Farrow to “be on her side,” so much so that she ended up leaving her post for good.

Mia Farrow made the allegations against Allen the day before they were to sign a custody agreement. Allen later recounted that Mia Farrow called him after the accusations hit the press, and made death threats against him. In addition, he claims she said “you took my daughter and now I’m going to take yours,” which he believed to mean that since he was involved with Mia’s daughter Soon-Yi Previn, Mia was going to see it that he lose custody of Dylan.

Recently, Moses Farrow, Dylan Farrow’s brother, has come forward to say that he was in the house the day the alleged incident took place, and that all of the children were in public spaces with their father the entire day. He says there was no time during the day that Dylan, or any of the children, were alone with their father.

Will Woody Allen have a chance to answer Dylan Farrow’s claims in a New York Times op-ed? The next few days will reveal the answer, and the press will be there to record and comment upon the historic article as soon as it appears.

By: Rebecca Savastio

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