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World Unrest 2014

World Unrest, world, wars, leadersWorld unrest in 2014 continues to escalate in explosions of violence, and leaders are having skeletons unearthed. The trend around the world seems to be violence as the key to overthrowing authority as well as the key to keeping authority. It seems not just the climate of the world is changing, but the climate in the people of the world as well.

In the shadow of the 2014 Winter Olympics, which the only trouble it has seen so far is the arrest and release of two members of the band Pussy Riot for allegedly stealing from a hotel, separatists may still be planning a Putin wake-up call. Incidentally the band members were accused of being activists and detained for “planning to protest.” However, this is mild to everything else going on around the world.

North Korea’s dictator Kim Jong-un’s skeletons are being unearthed as survivors of his regime testified to the United Nations International Criminal Court of blatant and brutal human rights abuses. Accounts of violations reads like something straight out of Nazi Germany with mass starvation, torture and executions being just a few. Victims who have escaped that vicious environment revealed the punishment of families left behind by defections. That old law of “guilty by association” provided the excuse. Often, no excuse at all is needed for a dictatorship to grab people from their homes. In an eerie, violent parallel to the Pussy Riot incident, Jong-un’s girlfriend was executed, along with other members of her orchestra, by firing squad for, of all reasons, pornographic activities.

In Thailand, its prime minister Yingluck Sinawatra may have finally encountered a solid reason for being removed from office. She has been indicted for rice subsidy schemes that was probably a major cause of the middle-class opposition to her government. All of this in the shadow of the most directed attempt of the police to remove demonstrators in Bangkok, which of course resulted in a number of deaths.

A darker mirror to those events are currently happening in the Ukraine as that political crisis intensifies with a direct police assault on the demonstrators’ encampment. Nine people were killed and scores injured, many that may result in further deaths. In the wake of the protesters’ torching of government buildings, the police have ramped up their crackdown operations. They have warned that the full measure of law will be brought to bear on the demonstrators. Just another example of world unrest in 2014.

Egypt. Syria. Venezuela. Iran. China. Thailand. North Korea. Central Africa. The list goes on. If a lit match was stuck into a map globe for every point of ideological unrest, whether it be political, social, or religious in nature, it would look as if most of the world was on fire. The mob rules and differences are settled from the barrel of a gun. Or in many cases, the bottle of a Molotov cocktail. Is this to be acceptable adult behavior as the world moves deeper into the 21st century?

At what point do people say enough is enough? The physical and emotional wreckage wrought by governments who stay in power by force of arms, terrorists who write their manifestos in blood, and individuals who force their will upon others through rape and torture is staggering beyond measure.

If this kind of violent activity keeps up, from 2014 and beyond, forget global warming, the zombie apocalypse, or somebody with his finger poised over the Big Red Button, mankind will prove to be its own extinction level event through not-so-simple world unrest.

Editorial by Lee Birdine

The Telegraph
USA Today