Yanukovych Currently Hunted

Yanukovych HuntedIt comes as no surprise that ousted President Viktor Yanukovych is wanted for mass murder and is currently being hunted. Also no surprise: no one knows exactly where he is. He was prevented from leaving the country by plane from his home town of Donetsk, having flown there by helicopter from Kiev. From there, he purportedly went to Crimea. Still, no one knows where he is but rumors abound about possible locations, including Bavlacava where his son owns a yacht club.

One fact that isn’t a rumor: since the revelation of his extravagant lifestyle, Yanukovych has been hemorrhaging support by the bucketful. Even members of his own Party of Regions have departed and/or distanced themselves from Yanukovych’s tainted image. So, one has to wonder why Russia, in the face of all the corruption surrounding the former Ukrainian president and in spite of warrants issued for the mass killings of civilians, would still maintain that Yanukovych was deposed and that the current government is made up of mutineers? Is Putin afraid of losing face for supporting such a corrupt regime, especially on the heels of the success of the Winter Olympics at Sochi? Perhaps Yanukovych ran off with a sizable chunk of Russian funds and Putin’s stance is just a ploy until he himself can get his hands on the missing former Ukrainian president.

At any rate, the situation in Ukraine following the removal of Yanukovych looks to be a growing bone of contention be Russia and the European Union as eastern Ukraine still mostly want ties to Russia and Putin may possibly feel that Russian citizens there are in danger. After all, Russian troops were sent into Georgia under such a pretext.

Leading the hunt for Yanukovych in conjunction with the head of Ukraine Internal Security the new Interior Minister Arsen Avakov and his knowledge of Yanukovych’s movements has him leaving Crimea for points unknown. Wanted posters have gone up as the search intensifies.

Meanwhile flocks of Ukrainian people flow through Yanukovych’s truly opulent estates, with its miles of underground tunnels connecting various locations, and discover where all the money from a country on the brink of default went. They discovered a golf course where they held parties to alleviate the pain of the protests and honor those that have fallen. Perhaps not so surprising, there was no looting, the people acknowledging that all of the wealth on display was looted from them.

The entire situation in Ukraine is a glaring example of history repeating itself time and again throughout the ages, that behind every oppressive government is a leader (or leaders) fighting tooth and nail to hold onto personal wealth and power, leaving blood and dead bodies in their wake when it is finally taken away.

Leaders of other countries in the throes of civil unrest would do well to look at what happened in the Ukraine. They have such growing levels of unrest for a reason and sooner or later their house of cards will come tumbling down, and they will suffer the same fate as Yanukovych: currently hunted for crimes against the people.

Editorial by Lee Birdine


Chicago Tribune

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