Young Children Suffering From Mental Illness, Found to Be Suicidal

Young Children Suffering From Mental Illness, Found to be Suicidal

It is true that young children are suffering from depression, severe anxiety, hearing voices and seeing visions because these kids are suffering from mental illness. Some of these same children are also even suicidal. Parents of these kids are calms as they repeat the symptoms and stories over and over to friends, teachers and most importantly to doctors. The reactions they receive must be disbelief, sadness, dismay and probably even helplessness. But parents state there is very little to no sympathy given when they inform others of what they are going through with their very ill children.

This may seem hard to believe but it is what parents tell over and over again. One anonymous boy, age 10 has been diagnosed with having bipolar disorder and also says he hears voices. He says that they come from his toys and that they scare him. He explains that the voices come into his head and that he told his mother. He adds that he doesn’t even listen to music anymore because the voices he hears are not nice voices.

The boy has been diagnosed as being mentally ill. It may be hard to believe, maybe because he is a child and the voices could just be part of his imagination but it is not an active imagination. He is suffering from mental illness and having to deal with things that would scare an adult.

When the boy was a baby, he was taken in for testing, but he did not receive a diagnosis. Parents just have to wait on the doctors and what they say. Finally the physicians believed that the child was autistic. A new appointment with a new doctor was made. It did not work out. The physician said the child was not at all autistic.

So just before the young boy was to begin school, he was put on an antidepressant. This new doctor stated he had no idea what was wrong with the child and thought that maybe he was suffering from an attention problem or maybe he was depressed. The drug had not been tested on kids but it was prescribed anyway.

The mother was not happy but stated she was so desperate by this time, she was willing to take anything as a diagnosis. After the boy had downed the first pill, she realized that only after the first hour it had been a horrible mistake. He stated that he wanted to kill himself. He said that he couldn’t take it anymore and that he just wanted to die. He was almost 5 years old and a young child like that does not talk that way. Something is definitely wrong.

She took him to yet another doctor who told her that her son would never amount to anything so she should get used to it now. The next physician prescribed the child a drug without even seeing him in person.

The mother states that it seems like no one wants or knows how to help you. Both the boy’s parents blame the medical field which seems to lack research or any type of compassion for children who suffer from mental illness. The National Alliance on Mental Illness believes that over four million children and adolescents in the United States suffer from some kind of serious mental disorder which causes substantial functional impairments in their lives.

Some treatment for kids has been found through the use of puppets. They are able to show their feelings by using the figures as a way that explains the inner feelings they have that they are unable to talk about. Young children have responded very positively to the use of puppets in their treatment of fighting against suicidal thoughts and tendencies.

When mental illness happens in children, especially those who are very young, the families are unsure of just where to turn. Even with the uncertainty, it is true that young children are suffering from depression, severe anxiety, hearing voices and seeing visions because these kids are suffering from mental illness.

By Kimberly Ruble


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