11-Year-Old Boy Drowns In Creek Trying to Save Younger Sister [Video]

Randez Brown died trying to save 7-year-old sisterRandez Brown, an 11-year-old boy, died trying to save his seven-year-old sister who slipped into a North Carolina creek. According to witnesses, six children were playing in the creek at the time little Samiyah slipped in the water. Davis Creek where all the kids, between the ages of six and 11-years-old, were playing is located behind the CMS Military and Global Leadership Academy at Marie G. Davis Middle School.

Reportedly, they had entered into a tunnel where the water is deep, after going through a break in the fence. Samiyah slipped into the water and her brother, Randez, immediately jumped in to try to save her when he unfortunately went under.11-Year-Old Boy Drowns in Creek Trying to Save Younger Sister

One witness, Kenya Ricks, said the tragedy occurred on Thursday evening around 8:00. She was at the middle school with her son for basketball practice when the children, who were all soaking wet, ran up to her asking for help. Ricks immediately called 911. In the interim, she and her brother ran down to the creek to see what they could do to help.

Ricks said her brother had a flashlight and his cell phone down on the bank trying to locate the kids but could not find them. Once he navigated to the tunnel he saw a little girl inside.

Just minutes later paramedics and rescuers arrived and pulled both children from the water. The first child was located near the creek shortly after 8:00 while it took another 8 minutes for the dive team to find the second child. The second child was found in the deeper end where the water is closer to 10-feet deep.

Paramedics immediately performed CPR on both kids who were transported to Carolinas Medical Center. Randez was dead at the scene while his sister who was barely alive was treated at the hospital where she is currently on life support.

The grandmother of the children, who was taking care of them at that time, had to be transported to the hospital by ambulance after learning of the incident. She went into shock and collapsed. Mary Walls, a family friend, said she heard someone screaming hysterically and went to outside to see what was going on and who was screaming only to find that it was the grandmother of these children.

11-Year-Old Boy Drowns in Creek Trying to Save Younger SisterWalls said the children’s grandmother always warned them against playing down by the creek but they often did it anyway. Neighbors are saddened by this turn of events and have said something needs to be done in order to prevent a repeat occurrence.

Family and friends are praying earnestly for seven-year-old Samiyah’s recovery while they mourn the loss of her brother Randez. A memorial has been started by the neighborhood where Randez died.

Both children attended Sedgefield Elementary School where Randez was a fifth grader and his sister Samiyah is a second grader. Grief counselors are on school grounds to help the staff and students deal with this tragedy.

Unfortunately the Brown family has no insurance and is in need of financial support to help with funeral expenses. On behalf of the family, One Way Baptist Church is collecting donations. The pastor of the church where the family belongs is Barrington Johnson and the address is 3501 Tuckaseegee Road, Charlotte, NC 28208. The church’s telephone number is 980-216-4650.

Randez Brown, an 11-year-old boy, died trying to save his seven-year-old younger sister who slipped into a North Carolina creek. Samiyah was going through the tunnel when slipped and fell into the water. This is when her big brother jumped in to save her but unfortunately drowned instead.



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